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specific rules may have to wait for the price to be determined after a formal notice issued.” Jinan Railway Passenger relevant responsible person said, “but one thing is certain, the media before the so-called price 2 % reported being misread, drop 2% of the basic fare, rather than 2% of the face value. “According to reports, passenger fares constitute more complex, generally consists of three parts: First, the ticket fare, including hard seat, soft seat,hollister pas cher, suburban ticket fare, which is the basis for fare fare seat,woolrich uomo, soft seat, etc. are hard seat ticket fare price is based on a certain percentage conversion; the second is an additional ticket fare,hollister abercrombie pas cher, including speeding, sleeper,doudoune moncler homme, air fare tickets,abercrombie paris, ticket develop gold; three is the premium.The first two parts constitute the basic fare, according to the travel distance passenger trains and different equipment conditions, far from diminishing the way to take delivery OK. “The basic premium hard seat ticket fare by 2% calculated with a new air-conditioning Qingdao between Pukuai example,tiffany roma, the fare is 49 yuan, the basic fare is about 21 yuan after a series of translation,doudoune moncler pas cher, price 2% after 4 hair spend less money, but not nearly a dollar. “Reporters roughly estimate found that after implementation of new regulations in accordance with the fare of about 1% of the face amount of the reduction.

lower than the current fare of $ 30 is essentially the same in accordance with the rules of trade-offs,hollister pas chere, and the rest fell to within a few dollars of 0.5 yuan. Among them, the ordinary passenger train fare adjustments automatically by the ticketing system, EMU will fare under the new rules by the Railway Administration computing system after entry ticket.Reminded to buy tickets from the 25th after the price”Calculating the new fares will take some time, passenger transport sector is currently ongoing tension price work,louboutin femme pas cher, it is estimated will be introduced next week rules.” Jinan Railway Bureau, responsible person told reporters. For the majority of passengers for early smoothly enjoy the benefits brought by the fare adjustment,hollister abercrombie, economic iron from 21 temporary ticket pre-sale period to adjust the various sales channels.Reporters learned that.

unhappy city is the same, but the happiness of the city after another; happiness cities each have their own well-being,tiffany, the city is not happy with the same reason: the pressure Alexander. Can not be unified in the rankings,tiffany outlet italia, there is a common conclusion is widely accepted: happiness strongest second-tier cities. Well, such a conclusion would allow more people to give up the pursuit of happiness and the pursuit of first-tier cities do?Happiness in the “second line”,barbour catalogue, “second line” in retreat?September 13, Peking University Social Research Center released the “China Urban Residents’ Happiness 20 research report,” said the well-being of residents of small cities significantly more than first-tier cities. Survey, Dalian, Shenyang, Liaoning Province, living the happiest of uncertainty about the future, inflation and social insurance protection efforts can bring more confidence compared to other regions; secondly, Tianjin and Shandong Province, Tianjin residents more are young or old,soldes hollister pas cher, are feeling happiness. In sharp contrast, Beijing residents evaluate the cost of living, the price level,giuseppe zanotti femme, employment.

in the past online and telephone booking tickets pre-sale period is 12 days (inclusive of the following day), the pre-sale of the station ticket window, outlets for 10 days, but since 21 May, the station each ticket window, the city outlets, telephone booking and online ticketing website 12306 channels only on sale December 31, 2012 before the ticket; since December 25,scarpe hogan, ticket pre-sale period each channel will return to normal.”A lot of New Year’s ready to go home,doudoune pjs, traveling public, may have previously considered a good 21 tickets can be purchased on the first day of the New Year’s mini vacation,hollister lille horaires, but to wait until the 25th to buy.” Railway authorities remind the passengers, then a small holiday tickets on sale will be unified, and the price will be adjusted in place, more affordable.Original title: surveys of urban residents’ happiness always in second-tier cities, “ConclusionHappiness and urbanization is inversely proportional?In the recently emerging Chinese city of happiness rankings.