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removal toilets require a round trip 3-4 times, although looking at the large number of these wastes, which is a large part of the water to flush toilets. “If we pay attention to the toilet rational use of water,hollister pas cher, will reduce the number of total waste.”Li Xueling where sanitation is chuanxiang three units of work before his death when labor model. There is a three honor room, which filled all kinds of awards, has a story behind each of the awards, the new recruits must go once honor room, listening to the old secretary speaking chuanxiang story.Endured the sour odor removal, and sometimes have to manually pull out the winter ice soup kitchen trash knotReporters learned from relevant departments of Beijing, the Beijing Municipal solid waste generated in about 670 million tons, a volume of about 16.8 million cubic meters daily capacity to produce 18,hollister site officiel,400 tons. A long-term commitment to waste reduction and environmental protection, told reporters classification,christian louboutin, if using loading 2.5 tons, 7 meters long car removal vehicle in a row to transport Beijing’s daily production of waste, a total length of 47.8 km,abercrombie, able lined Beijing three loops around; if an annual basis, the total length of 17,chaussure louboutin pas cher,500 km should be able lined Beijing Sixth Ring Road 100 laps.A garbage truck driver cleared of any branch of the Beijing Environmental Sanitation Group dawn,abercrombie france, his day job is at the street level,abercrombie outlet, a trash can a trash can.

a car to another car collection, transportation and waste.July 13 morning 5:20, the reporter followed Ren Xiaoyun driving Isuzu loading 2.5 tons of garbage trucks,scarpe hogan, from the southeast of Beijing Fourth Ring Road, the release Takemoto to Xidan, all the way east along the Chang’an Avenue, the collection Metro the site the day before the lines accumulated garbage.

stench nostrils, passers-by have their noses and go, originally bustling streets immediately clean a lot. removed from the car a few pounds heavier pipe pumping manure, both hands,hogan scarpe, will play well into the manure, activate the relevant device starts pumping manure.Feces garbage mixed in plastic bottles, detergent bags and other garbage is often clogged pipe pumping manure,hollister paris adresse, in which case,hollister londra, have to rely on hand to clear the sanitation workers. “One time in order to clear the soil pipe, where a team of 80 young girl being splashed fecal soup a child. Many people readily throw garbage habits will bring us unexpected trouble.”Li Xueling told reporters.

if fecal residue, you need to be cleaned immediately. “A lot of people have the habit of washing hands after hand drying, which leads to the ground, leaving no water. To prevent slippage may occur after cleaning the bathroom, the floor needs to be kept dry at all times.”Sometimes loaded with toilets and clean up, will be extremely confused mess,parka woolrich, Xuquan Hua said that he had played drums retreat, and later did a lifetime working sanitation old Communists retain his remarks: “Let this line is dirty points,abercrombie pas cher, but also the people and doing the dirty work. “The normal capacity calculation, a public toilet every day produce about 10 tons of accumulated fecal waste, under the jurisdiction of the Beijing 5843 toilets sanitation systems,woolrich prezzi, which means feces accumulate nearly 60,000 tons of waste per day. Reporters heard a saying in the sanitation workers, the stool is both rubbish “and not”,tiffany milano, but also “not slow”, Dongcheng District, three pumping manure sanitation workers personal experiences.”We are the team that everyone has their own responsibility area, a person in charge of several wells manure a day do not, well filled with manure will overflow.” Li Xueling smiling,outlet hogan, told reporters.Li Xue Ling pumping manure classes where there are 10 employees, more than 160 public toilets in charge of Dongcheng District manure pumping, slag and drain sanitation and other security work. Compared with the previous work hand dig dig dung spoon dig dung,air max pas cher femme, now pumping manure squad has achieved a semi-automated pumping manure operations.Reporters follow Li Xueling pumping manure out of the bus. Glass came south in a free market well, Li Xueling parked the car in a dung well, and to “work in progress” at the next prompt card stand,nike tn, wear a mask, with a hook to pull the words “manure” word of covers.