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“Astronaut” commander Sergei? Eliya praise after returning Sharansky said, “then I started to miss from the heavy traffic of Moscow.”Food and drink is always “astronaut” the big problem, they brought “spaceship” in all the food is canned food dehydration and compression, these food shelf life of up to two years, but not delicious. In addition, the “astronauts” in the “spaceship” in the insulation and even tobacco. It is reported that in 2000 were 420 days when the simulated flight test, the two participate in the trial, “astronaut” Because alcoholism fight,abercrombie france E0fGnTi6NqbHL1pFO5, a male, “astronaut” is also trying to kiss girl “astronaut.”In addition to food, bathing has become troubled “Astronaut” is a major problem. Russian aerospace department said, as “Spaceship” can not carry a lot of water, six “astronauts” although it can take a bath, but only wash once a week. As the “astronauts” in the “spaceship” in 24 hours by ground command center monitor, which means that in addition to their outside toilet, fully engaged in a “reality show.””Spaceship” two failuresIt is reported that two “emergency” “spaceship” took place during the flight altogether. Once the “spaceship” power failure,hollister pas cher homme, leading to the cabin one day no electricity,abercrombie outlet online,, six “astronauts” only by the faint light of the flashlight to pass the time, such as chess or poker. Another “emergency” more severe, six “astronauts” can not receive terrestrial communications command center information in about a week.When simulated space flight, must deliberately extreme cases and difficult to examine,chaussure louboutin femme 8UGUOYApeVoM3HE3iC, “astronaut” psychological situation and response capabilities. However.

these “astronauts” in response to these difficulties is very calm,abercrombie pas cher iASsczV0JHYiHQTlZE, and they really know this might “fly” just and trials.6, French media said,hollister shop online, “Mars -500” project chief expert Alexander? Suvorov said in an interview that in addition to these mechanical failure, “spaceship” also occurred in some way to run “accident.” “Because the workload is not always evenly distributed,” crew “and extravehicular often conflict between the command groups. Some volunteers have to take on more work,tn soldes, and other volunteers quite positive.”Suvorov said that in addition to the division caused by uneven contradictory,outlet tiffany, but several “astronaut” sometimes “jealousy.” “Sometimes,abercrombie soldes france w7esvFLl7CFaLf4k1q, some of the volunteers received more greetings to friends and relatives,doudoune moncler pas cher YnqiD2cK19jTeb5xtT,hollister, others a little jealous.” When it comes to the performance of Chinese volunteers Yue,christian louboutin pas cher, Suvorov said, “Chinese guy did a great job.”One hundred advance Pathfinder ExperimentAlthough the “astronauts” cooperation within the “spaceship” is not always perfect, but they persevered and completed a large number of very important experiment.The main purpose of the test is to study a variety of scientific data to explore Mars, in order to provide support for human activities really landing. Therefore, up to 520 days of simulated flight,tiffany anelli, six “astronauts” were carried out more than 100 experiments.”Mars -500″ project chief expert Alexander? Suvorov said that from the case summary, the six “astronauts” mentality is very good, they have maintained a good working efficiency, the test data is also very valuable. For example,louboutin femme pas cher, some participants in metabolic rate is lower than expected,louboutin pas cher jtxVJT4u3cGgjeNChl, which means that in the future Mars could be considered to reduce the number of food and other material reserves. In addition,tiffany orecchini, “spaceship” engine performance and “Astronaut” data such as sleep disorders,tiffany italia, deviations also appeared with the previous forecast. (Zhang Le) � SecretSimulated landing live deceived viewers”Mars -500″ The whole test is divided into three phases: the fly to Mars.

he entered Huquan subway station, far away to smell the smell of sesame. Then he saw two female passengers each holding a bowl of dry noodles subway. Two female passengers in the preparation of the credit card, subway security verbally discouraged,hollister soldes, the result was two female passengers accused of “meddling” and forced the gates.Wang Minsheng duty security parties confirmed the same day around 7:40 indeed met two female passengers. Both about 20 years old.

Mars landing and return to Earth. This series of process takes 500 days or so. In June 2010,moncler outlet online, six “astronauts” into the simulation “spaceship”, began a long journey.In February, the most watched “Mars,” the official staged three “astronauts” from the “spaceship”, arrived in simulated Martian surface. The surface of Mars is well laid out a large JEM,barbour pas cher, there is a high dome, the ground covered with red sandstone similar to the Martian soil.3 wearing a spacesuit, “astronaut” The first thing after arriving on Mars,woolrich, is the flag of Russia,hogan outlet tIPgrSzrWwHHrWb8M2,braccialetto tiffany, China, the European Space Agency’s inserted in the “Mars’ surface, after which three people take turns to work.Russian TV also broadcast live on a specially the significance of the “simulated landing” simulate realistic effects cabin even confuse some viewers. “Mars -500” project leader Barack Jaworski said 90-year-old father after seeing live television.

but also specifically called to ask him: “? Did the Americans aboard Mars”By the end of February, three “astronauts” abandoned lander, and in the “spaceship” on waiting companions joined Mars experiment ended. Since then, the “astronaut” embarked on a journey back to Earth. (Intern reporter Li Zhang Yu Ying SilverPackaged dry noodles is not fastened to discourage securityCarrying packaged dry noodles subway,gioielli tiffany, security remind its packaged bags fasten or eating and then stop, passengers are accusing security “nosy.” May 17 morning, the crowd of passengers 85,777,hollister pas cher,777 rebellion news hotline to the newspaper, and three on-site with a cell phone camera photos, appeal to everyone civilized travel.Mr Liu said the same day around 7:00.