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alleging the defendant did not inform him of the risk of doing business in Cuba, did not provide counter-intelligence skills training, which seeks compensation totaling $ 60 million.Admission by the government to deceive foolsAlan? Gross,abercrombie pas cher, 63, hired by the US company DAI, several trips to Cuba to the locals,sweat hollister pas cher, especially the Jewish people to provide Internet access services.DAI company contracted the project from the US Government Agency for International Development, subcontracted to Gross.Cuban authorities arrested Gross in December 2009, accusing him of “undermining (Cuba) independence or sovereignty,collana tiffany,” in 2011 and sentenced him to 15 years imprisonment.In Cuba trial,woolrich italia, Gross said he deceived by the US government and the employers. “I believe it is easy to fool others,moncler doudoune, being deceived,abercrombie soldes, was used. I am very sad. I and my family therefore pay a heavy price.”Reuters reported citing court documents,giuseppe zanotti, the Cuban authorities concluded that Gross knew this project with a political purpose, trying to secretly activities. Authorities say flash and computer stores information display.

Gross hide something, as he unsuspecting American tourists use the Internet to carry equipment into Cuba,zanotti, including three satellite Internet terminals, more than “BlackBerry” mobile phones and Apple’s iPod music player .Request to sue the government for compensationGross and his wife Judy on the 16th to the federal district court in Washington, DAI and the US government.Complaint that the former Gross went to Cuba and after arriving in Cuba, the defendant did not “fully informed of the risks of his personal involvement in this project faced” not informed “Cuban intelligence agencies to use technology,” does not provide a “counter-intelligence training.”Gross five times to Cuba. After the third entry,hollister pas cher, he wrote in the memo: “This is obviously a very dangerous business.” After the fourth entry,tiffany gioielli, he expressed the same concerns.Wife told the Associated Press reporter Judy 2011, Gross require employers to ensure that he engaged in legitimate business, but DAI refused to contact Cuban officials, but forbade him to contact anyone.Complaint says Gross repeatedly expressed concern to the employer.

just before they go shopping in the case of last resort.Taylor said, the large supermarket trash can often find good food, sometimes just because the packaging is not good to be thrown away. Sometimes just expired food that is still edible; sometimes because of a broken egg, and enjoyed the eggs have been thrown away.Taylor is currently looking for a suitable place to open a free “restaurant”, all the ingredients are in turn obtained from the trash. He had wanted to open a restaurant in the house, but after the landlord discovered his plans to put him out.(Original title: Men’s home full of food from the trash To retrieve a free restaurant A US citizen jailed in Cuba on the 16th sue the US government and the US employer.

and the other replied: “The project we are looking for someone else to finish.” The US government informed Gross same concerns,abercrombie outlet online, but turn a blind eye.? Scott Gilbert lawyer told AFP reporters: “They do not protect him, not only does he recall from Cuba,abercrombie, but also to extend the contract,louboutin pas cher, asking him to go.”Complaint that the defendant, “Mr. Gross ignoring safety concerns expressed repeatedly, so DAI can continue to earn substantial income,louboutin soldes, the government can continue to use Mr. Gross for (the US) Cuba policy service.” Gross couple requested the court to allow a jury trial,abercrombie soldes france, the defendant requires two compensation totaling $ 60 million.In addition to the two day federal district court in Maryland Federal Insurance Company,abercrombie roma, alleging that the insurer unreasonably refuse to pay the insurance money, claiming $ 10 million.DAI amount of $ 5,tiffany milano italia,000,000 previously signed insurance contracts with the federal insurance, paid projects include Gross in Cuba was “unfair detention.”Hui Xiao cream (Xinhua News Agency for the newspaper feature articles)(Original title: Jailed Cuban American.