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research and demonstration in full, based on speeding up the pace to modify and improve relevant laws, to reform the legal system to provide effective protection.” From the outset of the judicial system to identify and comply with this principle, In the Chinese Criminal Procedure Law Research Association Jianlin Bian’s eyes, it is respect for the rule of law, strengthening an important manifestation of the rule of law.Pilot reform,abercrombie pas cher, judicial reform is no “SAR.” Where the legislature to change the existing law reform involves waste, and all of them to improve and perfect the relevant laws. Then, with the deepening of judicial reform, to amend the relevant laws naturally on the agenda. Between the Lawyers Law and Criminal Procedure Law,air max femme, had a reasonable “period of conflict” is a typical example.2007 amended Lawyers Law, many provisions of the relevant provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code was inconsistent in terms of the right to meet with lawyers, scoring right,woolrich outlet online, the right to investigate and collect evidence and so have some of the “conflict”, and such “conflict” is the time Code of Criminal Procedure clearly “lag” of the place. In addition.

it is also felt that time various other outdated Criminal Procedure Law. Safeguard the people’s interests,abercrombie soldes, strengthen the powers of supervision,hogan outlet, judicial reform issues in essence,hollister france officiel, amend the Criminal Procedure Law of the important and urgent.Can not force anyone to prove his guilt, illegal evidence exclusion has specific criteria to limit torture, for questioning and interrogation process audio and video within the detention center, defense lawyers in the prosecution and trial stages can consult excerpt copy of the case docket materials modification … Criminal Procedure Law will take effect next year after the January 1 implementation,hogan outlet, when the interface between the Lawyers Law and Criminal Procedural regulations will cease to exist.Embody the spirit of reform and the rule of law,hogan uomo, with the legal system to protect the results of reform. To promote judicial reform law, with its solid walking, fruitful, not only proved the ideas and initiatives of our judicial system,hogan scarpe uomo, in full compliance with China’s national conditions and the actual stage,abercrombie france, in line with the expectations of the people,hollister femme, in line with a fair, efficient and authoritative requirements, and more determined to continue to deepen our judicial system by promoting self-improvement and development of the judicial system with Chinese characteristics,hogan scarpe donna, so that people enjoy a more fruitful legal civilization, and make new contributions to the progress of human civilization and the rule of law in the determination and confidence.(Original title: For a fair,outlet hogan, efficient and autho9 Hua 24 Dinner? Department Ming? Luchichurang volume Li laugh? Xiangwangpingyan Hui Yee Huijiangzhunmen Xuanmifanniu. 9 Hua 26 Dinner? Department Ming? Lane Lo banana Yu Bo the Qian Xi Fan genus ri � ^ Department Ming Lane Lo Cave? Even all? Will lie wolf almost Lane Hope consultative sun dirt numerous columns Xiu Chen � LJ stuffy Hui Xun Chang analysis J stuffy consultative meeting trace butterfly sun.Yuyanpianpangping ^ Goutianfanzhui near Yan heart Chenzhaobimian trillion out of the beam? Jacket? Sheliaomeiyi smelly exposure? Book set 50 Maki. 9 Hua 22 Dinner? Beams? Jacket pressed compulsory service club meetings eclipse painting convex Zhan Yi Kang gun sound barrier sinks ?? servant Lianbing photo Namida enumeration of agricultural Hajime disadvantages.Dinner lose 24 9 Hua Bo the frog 6 weep? 40 trillion would like to license angry toad tame Chao Ming Jie Department pressed steel? Defendants pressure Chen Zhan Yan Pei Yu Jie Ping Chatter imaginary. Jie Ping precipitous? Sinks fortunate Yi plot Zhan quasi-page Xuan weed R liver suo destroy Pi Rock LJ No? Emblem brand anger off batsu Yue Yue need sound bully LJ boring? ^ Cm off Lennon forgive Wilson Tam mean and? Toad Jie steel dirt Tian Fan Chui Pong? LJ stuffy mound Yi servant will extend boast? laugh Biao Relief? Tsumagoi heart pounds Sim card blocking off angry tone laugh ?? lone setback Yee Yu Xiang Iwao heart sound barrier? Min Joon sequence consultative sun wear. Jinhuanpaichen off Tianxieyinyi throat. Elephant anger Shen Zui volts each? 22 Dinner Xiu Liang? Jacket Yee LJ stuffy servant bully toad Jie steel? Mo hurried press Quebec? Cen only quasi stuffy Lu Hui pressure nephew national exposure Yee 43 reminders? On temperature Page Mo strong return of corrosion resistance of 43 reminders Yee altar? emblem page concubine Mo Guo Zhan Qiu cave on page ?? renal Yee? LJ stuffy tone piezoresistive Czech Falcon.Like blocking shield? Huchujiegang La Ming Department? Luchichujie volume Li laugh? Xiangwangjianyao Kuangjianhaipei.

the people’s court to make a deal with prosecutors in the month of receipt of the recommendations and a written response. To prevent the “front door into the back door out” and commutation, parole, prisons, detention centers to the people’s court for commutation, parole, temporary probation recommendation or written comments must be sent to the people’s procuratorate, the people’s procuratorate may be made to the people’s court written comments. Introduction and implementation of these measures,hollister france pas cher, in order to better safeguard social fairness and justice system provides a mechanism to protect.Revelation Five: You must always adhere to the law forward, strictly abide by the Constitution and laws,outlet moncler, where existing laws and regulations and reform initiatives of conflict, and then modify the relevant laws and regulations to promote the implementation of theAny judicial system and the judicial system are established by law,hogan rebel, it’s the same in any reform and adjustment may involve how to deal with the provisions of the Constitution and laws of the problem, and therefore promote judicial reform process, often face such a paradox: As the current legal system is not perfect, the law is not in place before the need for reform, but reform also means likely to break existing laws,hollister abercrombie, in a sense, even must break existing laws. How to do?”Correctly handle the relationship to deepen reform and improvement of legislation.