hollister pas cher Zhang and his son to the hospital CLC a dilemma

find director,hollister pas cher, looking for the House leadership, over and over again taken the trouble to explain the actual situation. Meter eighty big man, soaked uniforms, burst into tears, dedication and sincerity touched all those present. Finally, the hospital decided to adopt the special approval process, the snake serum available to Peng.Until a few days after receiving the child fully recovered the phone,hogan scarpe, Wang Peng, a hanging heart was completely put down.Find a hospital to help sick students surgeryOne day in April 2011, suffering from serious spinal cysts Kui Zhang Yi and his father to Beijing for treatment.

but early Qiu Xia already determined. “I want to seize the last glimmer of hope, the child can not live without my father, we have a full house.” She said.February 14 this year, the couple was wheeled into the hospital’s operating room together. Before entering the operating room,magasin hollister, the couple’s stingy clenched together, similar to live well. On this day,christian louboutin pas cher, Wu Tang,abercrombie et fitch, after six hours of surgery, dedicated to his wife received the most precious gift of Valentine’s Day. Currently, the couple have been fully recovered, with his parents in two small house. They are motivated, Qiu Xia early to a nearby factory work, Wu Tang borrow money to buy a car to continue to engage in transportation,barbour international, to start building a better home. Over the past year, an ordinary police two young lives back from the brink of death,woolrich, the book sound of loud campus,ciondolo tiffany, two boys forever and mind their “police Daddy” – Peng.Serum save thousands of miles away to find the boy poisoningThe evening of 7 October 2010,abercrombie france, who lives in Garden Road,hollister soldes france, Haidian District, Mr. Liu received a phone call away in Hunan Liling Wang Xu old nephew was bitten by a snake, Hunan local no detoxification serum, children dying. Liu anxious call the Garden Road police station Peng phone. Was already 22:00, Peng regardless of a tired, rushed to the Liu family.Peng making inquiries learned, detoxification serum North China People’s Liberation Army 304 Hospital by centralized management,hogan scarpe, he drew Mr. Liu arrived at 304 hospitals. But detoxification serum has strict management and use regulations, must be present in patients with skin test and diagnosis by a doctor to prescribe.Side of the system, such as mountains, while the fiery crisis situation, Peng ran upstairs and downstairs, looking for nurses to find a doctor.

you not only saved my life, but also fulfilled my dream of a college … “Edition have written the reporter Zhou Xin edition photography newspaper reporter OuyangThey are very sorry afterwards, saying that he must accept the lesson, love each otherExpress News correspondent correspondent Kan Yu Yang Yang reported because Yiyanbuge, husband to his wife fight, angry wife picked up the hand of a knife.

on the way to the hospital, Zhang Yi Kui sudden onset of pain, 18-year-old boy screamed actually rolling on the floor,zanotti pas cher, helpless old father in the side, tears. In this case, it happens from passing Peng,louboutin pas cher, Seeing the horrors he left the crowd,woolrich parka, her own dirty dusty Kui Zhang Yi, the father and son brought his police station.Zhang Yi Kui parents are ordinary farmers in Shandong, 7 years old Zhang Yi Kui symptoms appear curvature of the spine, spinal cysts occur. Further deterioration in 2011, Zhang Yi Kui was too sick and deformed fingers, always faced with paralysis or even life-threatening. At this point,zanotti, only three months away from the entrance, holding the last hope, father and son took the family money patchwork Beijing for treatment.Peng found Beiyisanyuan jurisdiction, Zhang and his son to the hospital CLC a dilemma,bracciale tiffany, hoping to get the hospital to help. The hospital agreed to open a green channel for medical treatment in special circumstances special treatment, but also eliminates the Zhang Yi Kui special needs patient costs.After expert consultation, the hospital decided to Zhang Yi Kui surgery, but the beds tense days dragged surgery. In order to allow the children to take the exam, a university dream round, Peng-ordination hospital eventually overcome difficulties, make an exception to the fastest schedule the surgery. May, Zhang Yi Kui successful surgery were discharged successfully passed the Dongying Vocational College. When get the admission notice, he shed tears of happiness, the good news first told far in Beijing’s Peng: “Uncle, you are my benefactor, it is my second parents.

the average dialysis twice a week, in order to treat Wu Tang, quickly used up their savings at home, in all the relatives to borrow money after they sold the farm vehicle, Later they sold only a resettlement housing,air max pas cher pour homme, continue to Wu Tang treatment.Due to the long-term dialysis, Wu Tang wasting night, abdominal pain, sleepless nights, early Qiu Xia also Ganchangcunduan: “If you can use my kidney in exchange for her husband’s life, that’s value, are willing to die.” This may be crazy The idea, her family by her opposition, Wu Tang do not agree. We advise early Qiu Xia: losing a kidney, could mean the loss of Half-Life, and even donate a kidney, and Wu Tang not necessarily long life.Qiu Xia early can secretly went to the hospital to find her husband’s doctor, and ask for a matching, husband donate his own kidney. Fortunately,nike tn 2014, early Qiu Xia and her husband checked with type very well, with the doctor’s words, this is really a miracle. Although strongly opposed to Wu Tang, the doctor also told Qiu Xia early too risky living donors, shock may occur during surgery, after a few years there will be rejection.