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Certificate in Business English and other rising attention.

3%) of respondents take the exam to become the main cause.Is Deputy Director of Finance Fang Yuan Intermediate Accounting qualification certificate holders, is still actively preparing for registered tax examination. “Although the abolition of professional qualifications and licensing matters determined not to cancel registered tax the industry. Examinations may be evaluated in the horizontal direction of the class.” After working compensate for the lack of academic background through research,toms wedges, professional capacity may be raised. “Otherwise you’re really just a small staff.” Fang Yuan exclaimed.Ulrich just experienced employment quarter, holding a Mandarin Teacher Certification and B and other qualifications. But she said he did not pay attention to research. “Because I am a Chinese professional school undergraduate Normal University, there are requirements.” Ulrich said. Survey, enhance competitiveness (16.6%), and urge their own learning (11.9%), school requirements (8.1%) of respondents also participated in the examination of the reasons.Type of examination certificates respondents participating professional relevance do?Survey, 45.4% of respondents considered very relevant professional, 24.1% of respondents think it is totally irrelevant. “Some school projects,chaussure air jordan pas cher, school friends translation obtain qualification certificates.” Fang Yuan this puzzled. “Their work will involve some financial knowledge exam certificate may be more helpful for the future of it.”Shanghai Jiang Qingyi junior at a university in order to test CPA (Certified Public Accountant – editor’s note) has three consecutive summers were spent in the library. “I feel myself fall into the trap,” he summed up his past three years. “Because of this examination difficult.

a company responsible for the recruitment of Xiao Na think,red bottom men shoes, a great chance interview,pandora pas cher, give more consideration to the degree of matching and personal competence and work. She suggested that college students to distinguish the type of research, in line with their objectives and the actual situation. “For example,louboutin, some civil engineering graduate students,louboutin soldes, already has two construction qualification,site hollister, when hiring priority and we will give him an added bonus on the pay.”Zhaopin Qingdao Branch of Human Resources Commissioner Guo told reporters, to make up for their shortcomings, job goals are not clear and training institutions to mislead, is caused by “hot research” phenomenon of the main factors. “Certificate of indirect heat reflecting heat corresponding positions.” According to Zhaopin ‘2014 college graduates employment situation report “shows that children get together graduates resume in IT,pandora bijoux, finance,pandora, real estate and other industries. Accordingly,louboutin homme pas cher, the two construction division, securities qualification.

‘front’ long, especially the need to spend time and expertise related to either, and sometimes really unable to go a little bit.””Three wars” judicial examination Liu Bing also deeply felt words. He often served as student council busy not open itself. “The first two exams are ‘cramming’,hollister milano, White also pay a registration fee,louboutin pas cher,” he said, if you do not win, it is difficult foothold in the industry.Survey shows that 87.1 percent of respondents in the research investment and return do not match. Relative to the high cost of money (26.3%) and time costs (24.9%),peuterey spaccio, 23.4% of respondents believe that only learned fur,barbour pas cher, 12.5% � f respondents believe that the certificate obtained at the time of employment “usefulness.”According to the “2013 Annual Human Resources and Social Security Development Statistics Bulletin” shows that at the end of 2013, the country has achieved 1791.9 million professional and technical personnel qualifications,christian louboutin paris, 1838.57 million people participated in vocational skills certification, 1536.67 million people get different Grade vocational qualification certificates.”Certificate of employment must be a bargaining chip when it?” Jiang Qingyi some self-doubt.Although handheld two certificates, but frankly if you do not apply for Ulrich faculty positions,air max femme pas cher, a certificate is not much value. “The most talked about is the practice internship experience. After all, the employer is to recruit you to do things.” Ulrich said. Survey data also confirmed this point, 36.8% of respondents experienced more attention to social practice time employment.The overall quality (29.9%),Giuseppe Zanotti, qualifications (12.3%), learning (12%) and professional achievements (4.7%) of respondents believe that the more important job quality.In Shenzhen.