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I was overwhelmed, confused. But Harry behaved very calm and collected, first pat sister cold legs, and then call my sister’s name. In no reaction, Harry on She had two artificial respiration, Isabel was revived. We then could not believe their eyes. “Mary said, “There is no doubt that if there is no 8-year-old son’s aid,hollister roma est, my little daughter would probably have been dead up.”According to the “Daily Mail” reported that Harry at home,louboutin pas cher, in the supermarket,parajumpers pas cher, on the road, two years, a total of 22 times by artificial respiration to save her sister’s life.Teach 5-year-old sister Learn CPRIsabel due to premature birth, only 907 grams at birth, ten weeks in the hospital, dare to go home from the hospital, it was 2.26 kg.Isabel choking several times a week from the beginning, and now basically the onset of once a week. Hospital doctors said, after Isabel grew up, the disease will slowly recover. But the family feared she would sudden onset, specifically in her mattress tops with sensors to monitor breathing, choking once the sensor will send an alarm to alert.Mary said.

whether Isabel when the disease, “Harry was always the first burst into the room, very calm, mature sister for treatment, which is amazing, is not and its age, he is our family Heroes. “”There are between Harry and Isabel very close relationship.

the nervous system is not fully developed, preterm apnea suffer, often stop breathing in without warning. Thanks to 8-year-old brother Harry to act as patron (right), at home, in the supermarket, on the road, two years, a total of 22 times by artificial respiration to save her sister’s life.(A tired)WASHINGTON According to the “Daily Mail” reported that 2-year-old Irish girl Isabel due 12 weeks premature, resulting in nervous system development is not sufficient, suffering from premature birth apnea, often without warning in case of stopped breathing. This disease can not be treated successfully by a one-time only slowly medication enhanced fitness.Thanks to the quick response of the 8-year-old brother Harry through artificial respiration, sister Isabel first aid. Harry at the age of 5, in the local Red Cross Teddy Bear Club,doudoune pjs, learn first aid techniques,barbour femme, such as artificial respiration,hogan online, and sometimes even when watching TV on sister artificial respiration training.When 37-year-old son for the first time mother Mary recalls the scene to save Isabel said,christian louboutin paris, “the whole family was watching TV, Isabel suddenly exclaimed, followed by the body turns blue, then purple,basket louboutin, unconscious, the body begins to slowly cold. Everything happened so fast.

was arrested in the examination room is Hemou.This reporter saw police equipment was confiscated all electronic products. Police scene with these devices do a demonstration. Students will wear the camera button on clothes, waist tie the signal transmitter and headphones pocket stuffed into the examination room in the ear. Then,doudoune parajumpers femme, sitting in front of the computer to the chest examination at the screen,hogan scarpe, the camera will automatically picture on a computer screen via a transmitter hidden in the examination room reached near the car Zhu and Ding Mou laptop. When these messages appear on the computer, Zhu, Ding will tell the students answer exam within the examination room by walkie-talkie.As a result.

they would ask Zhu help. Ding is Taizhou a driving school instructor, and Zhu familiar. Yan Jun said,hogan milano, Ding and provide a cheating device Wuxi linked surnamed Sun, Ding I agreed and contacted Sohn. Yan Jun said that after the cheating case identification, how to dispose of these four people and allows them made difficult. They first told Dantu District Public Security Bureau to contact the legal system, but did not give “view”; RC then Contact Zhenjiang Urban,zanotti pas cher, still no, “saying,” any connection with ministries and agencies to contact the PUC Zhenjiang, also did not “view” . Because suffered a legal “blind spot”, police “severely criticized” the four cheaters after the night would put them all. Correspondent Changbao Yu Zheng LipingThe reporteIreland’s two-year-old girl Isabel due to premature birth.

students do not need to review before the exam,parajumpers france, exams and without brains,woolrich online, but was able to successfully pass the exam. Reporters noted that these covert equipment is very high,hollister italia, when the camera wearing a button-type in the chest, even though careful to distinguish, it is difficult to see abnormalities,louboutin paris, Pocket headphones just bigger than a grain of rice, is hidden in the ear look no.How to investigate the case of the law “blind”Yan Jun told reporters, Zhu Danyang a driving school instructor,doudoune pjs, Xu was his driving school students. Although Hemou a driving school in Zhenjiang to learn, but to live in Danyang, therefore, and Zhu familiar. Due to various reasons,hollister shop online, Xu and Hemou had previously participated in a driver’s license theory test, but failed to pass. A last resort.










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