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life is still alive,hollister site officiel, very much hope that compatriots on both sides have to do to help things in the limited years, hoping descendants have a good environment for development.It quoted Lien believes that now deal with cross-strait issues,red bottom pumps, problems caused by cross-strait relations in fact, is the last generation, “is not a problem caused by our generation.” “These problems, we can solve this generation,air max one pas cher, it is best” and not left to solve the next generation to deal with. He is willing to do its utmost effort and dedication of effort.It is reported that, accompanied by his wife Lien Fang Yu Lien Chan’s visit to Beijing,toms shoes outlet, in addition to visits to old acquaintances friends,peuterey, but also will revisit Peking University,tn, presented a program to complete the school in 2005 to Lien Chan, honorary professor. During which he will meet with CPC General Secretary Xi Jinping.There are more than 80 people along with Lien Chan to visit,hollister pas cher, including political parties, elected representatives,toms outlet, religious, business, education, women, media, youth, minorities, retired generals,christian louboutin outlet, trade unions and other private parties, New Party Chairman Yok Mu-ming.

advocates point out that the DPP’s policy advocates on both sides of the question is one of the people most concerned about the content. Tsai Ing-wen in the TV political party chairman election was mentioned, from a focus on the amount of cross-strait exchanges to enhance the quality of cross-strait relations and cross-strait exchanges,peuterey donna, but did not explain the specific policy proposals,nike air max 1, to be considered “vague or difficult to understand.”Tsai, born in August 1956.

Hon Hai Group Chairman Terry Gou,nike tn 2014, Master Hsing Yun, etc. in the column. (End)Related reading:(Original title: Lien Chan led a delegation to visit Beijing on China news agency, Taipei, May 28 (Reporters Chen Xiaoyuan and Liu Shuling) – Democratic Progressive Party on the 28th were old and the new party chairman handover in Taipei, Tsai Ing-wen of the DPP became the 15th President of either party, the former chairman Su Tseng-chang retiring.DPP Chairman Tsai Ing-wen on the 25th of this month’s election, overwhelmingly 85,air max femme,410 votes, 93.71 percent of the vote, beating only competitor Guotai Lin.On taking office ceremony on the 28th,air max 1 pas cher, and Tsai Ing-wen said the next “three major tasks to be completed,” the first and most important is the establishment of the “2014 Election Strategy Committee” to make the whole party of power, the end of the race,nike air max 1, “Qi Heyi” election .This is an important election in Taiwan this year,Giuseppe Zanotti Paris, including the municipality mayor,peuterey roma, county and city,air jordan 4 retro rouge noir, municipality, Mr counties Mr township mayors, township representatives of the people, the village chief and seven elections. November 13, Taiwan’s “Legislative Yuan” third reading by the addition “Aboriginal municipality (minority) ward representative” and “head” becomes “Jiuhe Yi” elections.In addition, Tsai said the DPP to propose closer to public opinion, more in line with Taiwan’s future policy in favor of development needs; to foster “governance talent” and so on.And in international and cross-strait affairs, Tsai said the new state exchanges will also give more tasks to strengthen the ability of the DPP policy on these issues.Taiwan media recently have published a number of analytical articles.