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due to the deposit of the huge gap, many workers paid into the system for further improvement fund full of expectations.Eighteen reports that “income doubling” objective, clear requirements narrow the income gap. Fund is not “invisible” welfare? Xinhua News Agency reporters Beijing,hollister site officiel, Guangdong,scarpe hogan, Hubei,woolrich outlet online, Shaanxi,chaussure tn pas cher, Inner Mongolia, conducted an investigation interview.Fund deposit “too fat uneven”According to the reporter,abercrombie outlet online, the gap between the fund deposited primarily in the following areas:Industry disparities. For example,outlet woolrich, in Inner Mongolia Wuhai,woolrich italia, workers on the deposit amount Shenhua Coal Co. of West Inner Mongolia up to 5625 yuan.

a total of 81.12 million workers to help fund home use round dream home, purchase an area of � undreds of millions of square meters.In Wuhai City Housing Fund Management Center,orecchini tiffany, Ren Weiping seems Fund “timely” role should not be overlooked. The center reduced the loan threshold, conditions apply for housing provident fund loans.

the total amount paid into the bank workers on the highest branch of Wuhai City is 2712 yuan, while the local bus company workers on the deposit amount only 100 yuan per person.2011-2012 June Wuhan highest monthly provident fund deposit total 2787 yuan per capita,abercrombie france, the lowest was 166 yuan. Guangdong Province,christian louboutin, the lowest monthly provident fund deposit total of about 135 yuan,christian louboutin pas cher, the highest of about 9500 yuan.According to the city audit department audit, the amount paid into the fund industry is a top-ranking financial industry, electricity, gas and water supply, scientific research, technical services and geological prospecting. After several industries that rely on resident deposit services, manufacturing, accommodation and catering, wholesale and retail.Relatively large regional disparities. 2011 Yulin City, the total deposit of 3,barbour catalogue,800 yuan per capita, less than the total amount paid into the eastern city of one month. Some small Midwestern city fund deposit coverage is low, only about 50% in some places, while the eastern or cities has reached 80-90%.Deposit ratio over the country, different deposit base. “Guidance on housing provident fund management a number of specific issues,” states: “deposit ratio and employees shall not be less than 5%, in principle, higher than 12%.” However, in many places, or the continuation of the existing standards, According to the development needs to be done, or adjusted,tiffany outlet, low deposit ratio of less than 5%, the high reached 25%. Housing provident fund deposit monthly wage base is also inconsistent, in some places the use of the basic salary,tiffany orecchini, allowances and subsidies and in some places is the sum of the wages of workers.Fund basic realization of “timely”Due to the amount of deviation of deposit, money makes the provident fund account “inequality.” However, from a practical point of view, this system really solve the housing difficulties of many low-income persons.By the end of 2011, the National Housing Fund deposit employee reached 133 million people, over the years accumulated imputation housing fund 4.06 trillion yuan.

shuttle between the inside and outside of Wenzhou business group, “road show” to Attract FDI in various financial reform programs.Informed sources, in fact, these items are not Serve this time, but Chen Derong marketing officer with his regiment, four walk around Wenzhou depth business group.”Taiwan to promote too.” Chen Derong stressed. Last July 26, the financial reform project promotion meeting, Shanghai Pudong International Convention Center,hollister italia, when Chen Derong interview with this reporter,air max pas cher pour femme, he and his officials portrayed the “marketing” City Line, Taiwan, Shanghai, Tianjin, Hong Kong,tiffany outlet, Guangzhou and other land, gold was included in the official marketing group change roadshow site.(Endeavour China? Eighteen spirit at the grassroots level)Income expectations gap behind the fund deposited – China Minsheng knowledge from the grassrootsXinhua Beijing December 16 electric housing provident fund system after 20 years of practice,giuseppe zanotti, has become a basic system of housing security system, effectively enhance the spending power of workers housing. However.