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although Zhou master stall, but not the diner owner, but was hired chef dining car.Why can not directly have a week master their own dining car it? Because in the streets of New York to get the license to sell very, very difficult.According to the US Constitution’s First Amendment provides, in addition to the street selling newspapers, magazines, books, CD, works of art,hollister soldes, all of the other street selling act requires a license, like Zhou master barbecue diner booth requires a license.In 1979, the New York City Council passed the law capped the number of licenses sold on the streets. Generally.

veterans or veterans families is the main provider of license object. If ordinary people are applying,abercrombie and fitch, and so it can only spare quotas. Responsible for certification of the health sector in obtaining spare quota will be allocated in the form of lottery, but the chances of success with the lottery almost. So, for a license,nike air max, such as 10 years, 20 years is not impossible.In the week of the master, diagonally across the street selling hot dogs Matthew also told reporters that the different dining car license,basket louboutin, life is different,christian louboutin men, but no more than two years. After expiration,moncler outlet, like the need to examine the dining car like a car, check the health status and whether the license to pay the fine and other matters. If a qualified health and no fines owed to issue a new license.In addition to the dining car license, the dining car vendors also need to have engaged in food sanitation license.

“Lian Tan,” is not easyUnited States for a newspaper reporter LuoNot long ago, at Columbia University gate stall selling Hamburger’s “Uncle Luoyang” Xie master time to become Internet and media celebrities. As we all know, New York is an international city,air max bw pas cher, but few people know, the streets of New York to sell nearly 200 years of history, the number of hawkers currently have around 20,000. Liantan in New York,parajumpers paris, and how a landscape?It is difficult to get permits, management very strictIf you walk in the streets of New York, you will see a wide variety of vendors,barbour femme, selling newspapers, selling hot dogs, and a fruit … crowded.In Flushing,barbour paris, Queens, New York City, a small street, a kebab stalls selling Chinese business is good.Stall was a Chinese,woolrich parka, surnamed Zhou. It was quite interesting.

mother and daughter is currently in good health.According to local media reports,abercrombie pas cher, live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,doudoune moncler, South Korea pregnant Shirley? Gold? Bona Ni (transliteration? 33 years old) on the 22nd began pains, and obey her husband Pa Bian (transliteration) recommendation decided to go to the hospital. However, in the vicinity of her home has more than 30 centimeters of snow, went private car parking places are very difficult from the door, so she decided to sit sled to the parking lot. However, in this journey, she suddenly felt labor pains and gave birth to a child.Kim? Bona Ni couple’s home was built on a steep hillside, they often great when the snow under the car parked on the roadside under the hillside. According to local media reports, Shirley? Gold? husband said, “The weather forecast says the storm is coming, just in case we bought a sled, but before it went to the parking lot children born.”Although gold? birth daughter on sled temperatures as low as minus ten degrees that day, but her husband is still very calm response, as they cut the umbilical cord. His wife and daughter are safe just born.Received a phone call an ambulance immediately rushed to the scene to mother and daughter to the hospital now,louboutin pas cher, mother and daughter in good health.Kim? Ms. Bona Ni said, “because the snow is too dangerous to walk, start time because they can not convince the throes of her husband was sitting in the sled,tiffany italia, in hindsight to judge right or husband.”They give this girl born on sled named Bella? Stars E? Sofia. ? Golden said, “This is really a memorable experience until now I could not believe himself in subzero weather, the outdoor sitting sled took child was born.” (Internship compilation: ofIn New York.

Blobfish final winner.Blobfish gelatinous body, can grow to 12 inches (30.5 cm),orecchini tiffany, living deep in southeastern Australia 1800-3600 ft (about 549 meters to 1097 meters) underwater. � Letter LillianLetter lotus(Original title: English Blobfish elected the world’s ugliestA Korean-American woman in subzero temperatures on the sled birth to baby girlChina Network January 27 hearing, according to South Korea, “Chosun Ilbo” website reported January 26, recently living in a 30-year-old Korean woman northeastern United States braved the bitter cold and blizzards in the sled gave birth to a female infants. Once the matter has been reported in the United States caused a huge reaction.

What is the world’s ugliest animals? Recently the British ugly Animal Protection Association organized a world ugliest animals online voting contest,doudoune parajumpers, live in the ocean depths Blobfish high number of votes to win.According to British media reported on September 13, more than 3,000 people took part in the voting, with 795 votes to win Blobfish. In addition, there is the world’s only ugly animal flightless parrot finalists, can not grow salamanders, the Andes “scrotum” Water frog and proboscis monkeys.Simon Watt, president of the association announced the voting results at the British Science Festival,nike tn officiel, and expressed the hope that this event can lead people to pay more attention to those strange endangered animals.”For a long time, those cute furry animals have been of concern and love, we hope to find an ugly face to represent those strange endangered animals, causing public concern.” Simon said.Simon said that animals such as the giant panda has received much attention of people, and therefore the association trying to find a distinctive but not lose this cute animal mascot.