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Guangzhou volunteer homeLin Shun removed desperate to help the Nanfang Daily reporter, the reporter first time released a microblogging.”After the reporter verified information, please love to pass, rescue Huangkai Zhi suffering from uremia.” December 7, Nanfang Daily official microblogging Tencent microblogging forwarded after just two days, the information is forwarded 322 times many users forwarding, comments, and quietly went to Lin Shun remit money.Guangdong Province Student Association charity Xugu After learning situation by reporters microblogging,hollister soldes, Guangzhou immediately sent volunteers to Shun Cheng Hailin home to verify the situation, and the treatment of the funds donated 20,000 yuan yesterday.Nanfang Daily reporter verified by Lin Shun accounts,barbour paris, as of yesterday, Lin Shun accept charitable funds of about 24,000 yuan.Guangdong Overseas Chinese leader asked in detail about the situation after the decision by the Guangdong Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation Lin heart two daughters total 6000 yuan grants, through the “Baby Plan” project, issued by the Guangdong Provincial Public Welfare Xugu Student Association.Hope their representative.

excluding rural cooperative medical claims section, the average per May have the burden of 5,doudoune pjs,000 yuan. Although Lin Shun know,louboutin pas cher, kidney transplantation is the best way, but he did not even think the unthinkable.”Slack time, I was in the house and help the villagers take a haircut hut, adults $ 6, children $ 4, one day earn up to thirty or forty dollars. Relatives are farmers, the wife had the disease, our family are ignorant . “Lin Shun said, at the beginning, folks see Huangkai Zhi got sick so heavy, made donations, Lin Shun already taken into account by the relatives of so much money, fear of inability to repay, they declined everyone’s kindness.6000 label affixed, finally earn 600 yuanTo help treat her mother, from the beginning of last winter, Lin Shun was 12 years old and 14-year-old two daughters went to work in a toy factory in Chenghai, often have to work in the morning from 9:00 to 22:00,nike store, because it is piecework, The little girl had the fastest speed for the toy labeling, and sometimes work until 1:00. Month of winter, the eldest daughter of the 6000 label affixed, and finally earn 600 yuan,zanotti pas cher, still enough time mom dialysis costs.After the semester,barbour femme, after school hours, the two girls continue doing odd jobs,abercrombie france, and her mother at home to help people packed toothpicks, pay only 5 cents per pack.Newspaper official blog forwarding.

the kindergarten’s brother Zhou Yi Zhou same,hollister, there are a number of bleeding points back, this year April 25, at Tongji Hospital diagnosed with severe aplastic anemia. Hospital to take hormone therapy, to poor treatment by the end of May. Recalling the same because of the hormonal effects, whole body covered with thick hairs, black circle on the lips, like a long beard.Hematology hospital Xiao Yi Gang, deputy director of Physicians recommends that the child’s father weeks to do the best hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (commonly known as bone marrow transplant), if the child has siblings, matching the probability of success will be higher.June 8, with ambivalence,spaccio woolrich, with his wife and daughter made a matching together. Xiaoqi results with a six-point,outlet peuterey, Zhougang Fu women with only four points. Wife then started to cry,hogan scarpe, “how is accompanied by a child, I’d rather be me ah!”Yesterday, Zhou Gang tearfully said: “know the results,giuseppe zanotti, it can not be happy to make such a small child to save his brother, if there is anything.

the two children can not protect the whole.””Help my brother,parajumpers femme, I’m so happy.”Zhou Gang told reporters yesterday, Xiaoqi is very sensible child. Since last October, he and his wife, his son hospitalized in Wuhan, Xiaoqi and 87-year-old grandmother too (great-grandmother) live together. Too grandmother mobility, Xiaoqi lay the water every day, so that the elderly face a bath.Xiaoqi yesterday sweetly said: “I had a very scared, that put stylus to donate bone marrow to the bone, then the doctor told me not to be afraid uncle, said on the same help and blood stone hurry, I’m really happy. . “Xiaoqi stones from childhood to his brother’s nickname. “He always heavy like a stone, I hold all hold not move.”Recalling with the former sick grandmother riding Xiaoqi send a stroller,boutique louboutin, recalled with just push in the back. Two children’s laughter, let not the rich family full of happiness.Yesterday, Xiaoqi across the sterile cabin windows, affectionately said: “Stone, I miss you,doudoune parajumpers, you hurry up.” Yi saw with my sister, dancing. Zhou Gang said his son’s favorite saying was, “Sister, you come to play with.”When well-meaning people are willing to let his son YoshikoZhougang Fu women laid off in 2004.

aid continues”Originally, I was really desperate, and thanks to the help of my good man!” Lin Shun told reporters saw a lot of friends on his Xerox will help Home 2 yuan, 5 yuan, 50 yuan donation to their representative,barbour homme, he often moved to say a word.”Now the money in relation to the cost of treatment is still inadequate and hope that more people can help him.” According to the Guangdong Provincial Association of Student welfare Xugu research reports, Lin Shun current repayment of about 20 million, six months After the treatment costs are unfunded, which will appeal to the general public project director Liang Dongbin helping hand (Lin Shun callers phone number :).Nanfang Daily reporter “Come help the stone, I’m really happy.”10-year-old girl to donate marrow to save the 4-year-old brother, Toru correspondent Gillian reporter Liu Rui”Help my brother, I’m so happy,” good-hearted people willing to let his son when YoshikoMa urban excellence fifth-grade teacher recently told Zhou Xiaoqi please holiday: 10-year-old half she wanted to donate bone marrow to save Wuhan suffering severe aplastic anemia four year-old brother.Yesterday,barbour soldes, at the Tongji Hospital Hematology extravehicular sterile, sterile warehouse Xiaoqi a while to knock his brother outside the windows, and the cabin of the mother on the phone; while squeezed in beside my father talking, but it is both sensible and well-behaved.To save his brother’s best candidateLast October.