hollister soldes let Song for 108 million yuan of public funds interceptio

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000 yuan,hollister soldes, more than 10 years imprisonment or life imprisonment, confiscation of property may be; if the circumstances are especially serious, the death penalty and confiscation of property.Under the provisions of the Penal Code,giubbotto peuterey, corruption 50000 -10 million,toms shoes outlet, more than five years in prison, corruption, more than 10 million, more than 10 years in prison or life imprisonment for corruption and more than 10 million or even no more detailed provisions.Edition have written: Southern Reporter Xiao FNet Changsha June 24 hearing (rolling news reporter Peng Yuqi) Recently, Yueyang City Intermediate People’s Court of First Instance concluded together specifically for prostitution woman robbery, kidnapping, rape, the defendant Wang Moubo, Shin, won life imprisonment for eighteen years and ten months in prison.Prosecution allegations, in July 2013, the defendant Wang Moubo, to discuss the application of a robbery and prostitution of women to the field, and the defendant Wang Mouchun invited to join. July 27, three people looking for targets of crime when Hengyang a KTV singing. Three prostitutes KTV staff will introduce Xu about to live the hotel, after the transaction, the applicant to carry out a fruit knife Xu warned against its better attitude point, the three together will Xu hands tied, robbed get 600 yuan in cash, a cell phone. Xu Shen a pistol against his neck to compel him to tell the bank card password, twice removed 42,000 yuan in cash from the card. With three grab belongings to leave, Xu after hotel staff rescued.August 9 the same year, Wang Moubo carry a pistol, a folding knife, has been replaced by fake driving licenses from Qiyang lease vehicles, all the way north to reach the Yueyang City. That night,red bottom sandals, a KTV singing trio in Yueyang,air max pas cher femme, the agency got two “Miss” Yi Mou.

although the ratio of the number of contracts appellant stated recruited more than 983 644 people people, but 983 people total cost of 2.83 million yuan wages and no appellee for himself,chaussure louboutin homme, but actual expenditure on the Grand Canal in grid security projects for security guards to wages and other costs; secondly, Although appellant breach of contract hiring more security personnel, but more to recruit people for the purpose of protection of the Grand Canal grid security; and City Security Company profit project requires more than 10% of the project company’s profit of 12%, also in accordance with the The company approval provisions in full compliance with the requirements of the city’s security. According to the king saying speculation, in fact, he was just playing up to the edge ball, the premise has been to protect their own profits,charms pandora, and earn a little money.According to the appeals court opinion believes that Zhang sticks repeatedly stated its cooperation with the city has been considered a security company, Wang Teng towards only direct staff to work with,tn pas chere, and Zhang branches proposed to sign a contract with the company,nike air max, was the king refused to board the DPRK, and the actual completion Zhang Chi Grand Canal is a total of 1627 contracts in the part of security personnel recruitment City security company, security company is the city’s human resources to complete the task Zhang Chi, the actual human resources for all, so Zhang Chi pay to Wang Teng towards the 2.78 million yuan should be the city of the security company should have income, Wang Teng towards a means of deception of the company, using its own positions to facilitate illegal possession of which 2.78 million yuan, while trapped City Security Company issued to the wages of public funds of RMB security guards 1080000 Yu Yuan,louboutin soldes, after the Grand Canal security spending 3.05 million yuan.

City security company after completing payroll card,chaussure tn pas cher, Wang Lee Teng given by the DPRK only 462 payroll cards,toms outlet, and let Song from the remaining 239 bank card for each take a total of 62 million yuan 2600 yuan dominated by the king.During the completion of the Grand Canal security contract security companies and well-being of the city to celebrate the company,louboutin, in addition to the pre-salary expenses of security guards, Wang Teng also towards some cash subsidy of security guards,air jordan pas cher, incentive fees,tom ford, overtime, fares, special training fees a total of 305 million yuan.In summary, the defendant Wang Teng Zhang branches toward accepting 2.78 million yuan, let Song for 108 million yuan of public funds interception,air max pas cher, for the Grand Canal security spent 305 million yuan, and finally the remaining funds more than 80 million illegal for himself.Southern reporter learned that, when you had the first instance will be 983 security wages Wang Teng toward overstatement of more than 2.8 million full count for corruption under the name, but not calculated although many strokes of security, but in fact recruit more security guards also made a wage .Clear up doubtsIs walking a fine line to make money or corruption?Wang Teng towards earlier appeal that the trial court Shenzhen security company said,air max femme, “The costs much more than 280 million yuan,” identified as the appellant proceeds of corruption is wrong.

the remaining funds embezzled more than 80 million yuan, in line with the constitution corruption crime.Significantly reduce the amount of corruption why almost the same sentence?According to the Court finds that the second trial, Wang Teng towards corruption money was 80 million, but not before talking 2.8 million, reducing the 200 million, in addition, also went on charges of obstruction of official business in addition to why the sentence is 11 years, not less of it?Final Appeal ruled that the sentencing system in accordance with Penal Code section 382,nike tn, � aragraph, national staff by taking advantage of his position to embezzle, steal, cheat, or other means of illegal possession of public property is a crime of corruption. And 383 first paragraph, the individual who embezzles more than 100.