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Inner Mongolia, the trip is an important issue to understand the local shantytowns.Zhao Yurong is Hongshan Chifeng City Southern Railway Station West Street office director of community committees,hollister soldes, Li Keqiang visited the shantytowns filed the case,abercrombie outlet, she still fresh.Hongshan District, Chifeng City Southern Railway shantytowns have 10,006 thousand people, there is a travel difficult, toileting difficult, draft difficult, difficult for heating,zanotti, drainage is difficult,christian louboutin outlet, and many other problems. The desire to transform the living environment of intense local residents. recalled to reporters, Li Keqiang day to see the living conditions of the residents, said after shantytown, we must find ways to improve the living environment. This sentence makes her heart and the residents here feel “is particularly warm.””After listening to the prime minister’s remarks,abercrombie and fitch, like the presence of all reassured in general, to transform the prospects of South Hongshan iron shanty towns full of confidence, looking forward to the Prime Minister again.” Zhao Yurong previously accepted China news agency reporter Cai Fangshi said.Make local people happy is May 22,nike tn officiel, Li Keqiang busy work among Chifeng again to visit, but one study theme is still “the people’s livelihood.” a sewage treatment plant in Chifeng DELHI chairman,mulberry bags, Li Keqiang during this visit, he told the Prime Minister described construction business and related facilities.Sewage treatment plant construction site.

to be transferred to judicial organs.The real version of “Superman” America an unarmed man lift car to save childKansas,christian louboutin discount, a six-year-old girl that she recently suffered a lifetime thing � � she was under pressure in the car, a “Superman” to save her!It is not a movie plot, nor is it the little girl daydreaming. Save her “Superman” called Nick Harris, 32-year-old,christian louboutin cheap, 1.68 meters tall and weighing 84 kilograms, although from this basic data, it is difficult to the stocky and tall handsome man linked Superman, but he Superman has done a thing.A few days ago, when 8-year-old Nick send daughter to school and saw a car in reverse, put a girl under pressure in the car. Harris was imagined, immediately rushed past,christian louboutin soldes, grabbed the rear, one ton of multiple bare hands to lift up the car, and forced to push forward, get the tires to leave the child’s body. Then Nick discovered that the girl is the daughter was pressed friend Ai Shili, he hold onto the sidewalk side of the passers-by got her mother Christine.Fortunately.

only a point Ai Shili concussion and small abrasions on the hospital that afternoon. Kristin grateful Nick, she praised: “! He really is Superman”In fact, Nick is not Hercules, after he wanted and then move to other cars, and I never moved no more. “Whether it is the adrenaline or the hand of God, I do not know how to do when he is in.” Nick said he does not think he is a hero, “for me,abercrombie france, give me a big hug and say, ‘Thank you,air jordan, Superman,christian louboutin sale,’ that’s enough. “(RChina news agency, Chifeng,nike store, May 23 (Reporter Li Aiping) – From shantytowns,basket nike, sewage treatment plants,barbour paris, to vocational education institute … within two months, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, twice went to inspect the Inner Mongolia region.So deep feelings of the local population is twice the inspection,louboutin heels, Li Keqiang eyes always leave people’s livelihood. The focus on livelihood issues,soldes louboutin, rather than pragmatic populist style, to the local people impressed.March 27, Li Keqiang first came in Chifeng City.