How to Carry out Efficient Operation and Maintenance

Before operating your generator set, you should first read the operating manual and be familiar with your equipment. Only by correctly operating and maintaining the diesel genset can you realize safe and efficient operation. The maintenance is the key to reduce operation costs. A diesel generator requires regular maintenance to keep the efficient operation. The preventive maintenance is the cost-optimal and easiest maintenance.

First of all, routine general inspection. Few parts of diesel generator have to be monitored for a safety use during the running of diesel generator machine. You should monitor the exhaust system, fuel system, DC electrical system and engine. Any leaks or problems should be fixed timely in case of serious problems. To check the generator parts regularly if the unit has been used several times a year. Check the belts to see whether it is damaged or loose. Ensure that none of the tubing has become brittle if the generator has been exposed to weather and that the chassis of the generator is not rusted or corroded in any areas. You also are advised to check the battery to see whether the battery can work properly.

Second, check the lubrication service. You should check the engine oil while shutting down the generator at regular intervals. Both oil and filter should be changed at the recommended time intervals. To avoid environmental hazards, disposal should be done properly. Third, check the fuel system. The fuel in the diesel generator is best used up within a year. The fuel filter is also to be drained at frequent intervals to allow the water vapour and accumulated dust to be drained off from the reservoir.

Fourth, cooling system. Check the coolant levels regularly. Remove the radiator cap for the engine to cool down after shutting down the engine. The exterior of the coolant must be inspected for any kind of obstruction, dirt or grime. Fifth, you should test the batteries. In general, the battery should be kept fully charged and well maintained. To know the current station of the battery and avoid any start-up problems of the diesel generator, you are advised to test and inspect the battery regularly.