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Now on the market a wide variety of micro powder grinding mill, the price is different, so how can we choose to buy their own micro grinding mill ?

1, micro powder grinding mill brands and manufacturers. Now consumers have a psychological, love is the well-known manufacturers and brands, because it can be purchased to ensure the quality of grinding and perfect customer service service, the factory production cost is higher than the cost of production of small manufacturers, so the price will be slightly higher.

2, the technical parameters of micro grinding. Technical parameters are different, the price will be different, technical parameters is a measure of a comprehensive index of micro grinding. Such as power, motor, system, function and so on the difference of parameters.

3, the price and the model has a direct relationship between the model, the price is different, the function and scope of application will be different. Each type of grinding machine is used and their characteristics, so we need to select the appropriate machine according to their own needs the function and scope of application, the general function is more perfect, more wide scope and complex micro grinding the price more expensive.

Above is the price and performance of some of the more common effects of the grinding conditions, when the purchase of the machine, to visit the factory, understand the manufacturer’s technology, strength and other information, and described as manufacturers.

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