How to find wholesalers of graded mobile phones for an independent retail business?

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Naturally, only independent retailers have problems with acquiring 2nd user bulk cellular phones for sale. Vast majority of the dealers prefer to supply the the bigger merchants, therefore small independent stores are forced to work hard to buy the items they require. Sadly, this will not guarantee the success at all. How to overcome such dreadful fact then? Happily, a small retailer might use the fundamental tool dedicated to taking care of the complications of this type. Major b2b trading portals associate many different retailers and wholesale suppliers. In the midst of them, a small retailer may get in touch with the cell phone wholesale, which likes to sell to small traders too. Usually, those bulk sellers of refurbished smartphones who make transactions with the small traders know the needs of their clients, thus the transactions are quite easy to finalize. The minimum quantities to buy are reasonable, thus even the smallest companies can buy the goods they require. Moreover, the typical class of the deals with them are the transactions on mixed stocks of refurbished wholesale cell phones. The buyer gets a nice mix of those items, therefore he or she will not have any troubles with reselling it to his or her shoppers. Eventually, the dealings on the used bulk cellular phones of this type are then the most demanded option for retailers. The stocks to take are not too big, still the variety of them is good enough to sell them immediately.