How To Flirt With Girls Through Both Your Body Language And Your Words Made Easy In 5 Simple Steps

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When learning how to flirt with girls, the first thing that you should focus on is embracing your playful mindset – the kind of mindset that will allow you to assume her attraction to you. The reason why you want to assume her attraction is because that’s the first most important step you need to take to get any girl to flirt with you. There’re essentially two ways to assume her attraction: through your body language and through the words you say to her. Once you ease her into flirting with you by assuming her attraction, all you have to focus on doing for the rest of the interaction is just playing that flirty push-and-pull game with her during the three vital stages of an interaction: attraction, rapport and seduction. Next I’m going to share with you the 5 simple steps that you need to take in order to learn how to flirt with girls by using both your body language and your words during the whole length of an interaction.

1. Embrace your playful mindset to ease yourself into playfully assuming her attraction to you.
The main reason why most guys don’t know how to flirt with girls is because they don’t have the right mindset. What they often do is that they walk up to a girl that they’re attracted to while having the mindset of her friend and not having the mindset of her potential mate. What happens next is that either they end up getting trapped in the friend zone or they never get to meet the girl again. Next I’m going to show you how you should go about embracing your playful mindset in order to playfully assume her attraction to you.
When you walk up to a beautiful girl that you’re attracted to, the first thing that she watches out for is your body language. You know why? It’s because women are naturally emotional and therefore they’re gifted to be able to feel other people’s emotions just by looking at their body language. By looking at your body language and feeling your emotions, women can get a sense of your subconscious mind’s belief, because your beliefs control your emotions and your emotions control your body language.
What this means is that if you, for example, blindly recite a random pick up line in front of a woman and she starts to feel that what you’re saying to her doesn’t really feel totally natural and fun to you, she’ll instantly be able to pick up on your negative emotions and get a sense that you don’t really believe that what you’re saying to her is real or right to you just by watching your body language.
The same principle related to the connection between your beliefs and your body language can also be applied in a situation where you’re not talking to her yet at the very beginning of your approach. Hence if she can get a sense that you really believe that she should be having sex with you just by looking at your body language, chances are that she’ll most likely start seeing you as her potential sexual partner.
This is exactly how embracing your playful mindset and having flirty, playful thoughts about the girl that you’ve just met can help you playfully assume her attraction and ease her into flirting with you.
Next I’m going deeper into the discussion on how you can use your playful mindset to get her to flirt with you by simply transferring your flirty, playful thoughts about her from your eyes directly into hers.
2. Use your smiling eyes as your most powerful flirting body language technique that can help you instantly make her flirt with you.
So, how do you use your smiling eyes to flirt with girls?
The prerequisite to using your smiling eyes is embracing your playful mindset. The phrase