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Environmental pollution is a big problem, but also a lot of Raymond mill manufacturers want to avoid problems, we all know that when the dust Raymond mill work will fly out, after many experiments, solve this problem we should tell an user, when grinding work in Raymond attention which side, let the dust away.

1, the first issue of material into the Raymond mill host, need to pay attention to is the broken material is uniform and orderly into the mill, rolling mill roll due to crushing material, so the grinding roll roll out, will be sent to the blade material between rollers and ring. Such a smash directly, not back to the occurrence of dust.

2, machine adjustment, classification and material, to adjust the machine discharging material fineness, choose the right into the machine, general milling time is, the qualified materials will be the output of qualified products, the unqualified materials but also for heavy grinding, this will make the dust appears.

3, the material inside the excessive moisture, causing blockage, the outside is not ventilated,make the material dust all out, this time to choose the deduster, dust collector effect is better,if the dust cleaning effect of the dust remover is not good, will lead to the production of Raymond mill, produce dust more, treatment it is also more trouble, so be sure to choose a good dust collector.

The three point is Raymond mill production time, why the dust precipitator reason, in fact is the most important to one, the other two, as long as the usual attention to what you can, but the dust remover of choice is not good, will cause more trouble for the user, so don’t besting, dust collector bought, to help you to solve all the troubles.