How To Look for The Right Kind of Mens Dress Pants

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It is not true that all mens dress pants look the same. This is the reason why many males buy the wrong type for their body sizes.

Its truly vital to buy the right pair of mens wool dress pants that you can wear on events and at the same time compliment your appearance. Below are basic details on dress pants that guys should be familiar with:

1.Mens skinny dress pants and slim fit pants are different.

Interchanging slim fit pants with skinny pants could make you look terrible and this is a common mistake lots of men make Prevent this confusion by keeping this in mind: slim fit dress pants have a straight cut starting from the knee to ankle, without any wafting in the thigh area. On the other hand, the latter are skinny in the ankles, that make inserting the legs somewhat difficult.

Knowing the difference between the two will definitely help men in picking the right cut to look good as well as be comfortable.

2.Do not go up, and don’t go too low. Mid-rise mens dress pants is the best option.

High-waist pants are those that go above the navel and low-waist trousers are those that show part of the bum. You do not want any of that to happen, so make sure to select mens white dress pants that are mid-rise. So it is important to buy pants that do not go way below or above the belly button. Do not forget that the fashion landmark when it comes to pants is the belly button.

More Tip: Then again, if you are short, you can make high-waisted pants work. They are effective in making miracles, since they could make you look taller than you actually are.

3.Is it really better if it is longer?

If you have mens dress pants that are too long then this is bad for your fashion sense. The proper pant length for your height can be determined by looking at the horizontal fold which forms as the pants hits the shoes. This is known as the ‘break’.

How do you know if you have got the accurate length? The pant length is right if the ‘break’ skims the shoes. A tailor must alter pants with fabric that pools around the foot.

4.The drawback of wearing pleated pants.

Buying mens black dress pants with pleats is a bad idea if you would like to catch the attention of women. Wearing pleated pants can make men look bigger than they really are. If your goal is to look lean, slim and trim then purchase mens dress pants with flat fronts.

5.Say no to cuffs.

For both formal occasions and dress-down get-togethers, you could wear mens dress pants. Do not cuff the end of the trousers even if you are going to a dress-down get-together. The fact is, cuffed jeans are not cool even if you have seen some popular guys wear them in several magazines!

Wearing cuffed pants could make guys appear bad and smaller. This is a major no-no for vertically-challenged men, as cuffs could make your legs look shorter. Bottom line, don’t wear cuffed pantsÖregardless of your height!

So if looks are vital then pants are essential and this is something you must always remember. A good pair of trousers is essential! So if you want to look great from the waist down wearing mens dress pants, then do not forget these tips.

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