How to reduce the noise of the ore milling equipment?

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Ore milling equipment is an important equipment in the work process, but there are inevitably some noise, but also can not be controlled fundamentally, the way to reduce the noise of the ore milling equipment mainly has two, one is two with damper vibration isolation, noise reduction, this paper introduces the two methods.

1. Vibration isolation
Vibration isolation is to change the vibration source on the Ore milling equipment to the elastic connection with the rigid connection between the vibration source and the foundation or connecting structure, so as to prevent or weaken the transmission of vibration energy, and ultimately achieve the purpose of vibration and noise reduction. Common vibration isolation and noise reduction devices such as sound insulation cover, muffler and so on.

2. Noise reduction with dampers
Damper vibration and noise reduction methods are widely applied. The commonly used dampers include viscous fluid dampers, friction dampers, viscoelastic dampers, metal dampers and so on. The main form of viscoelastic damping, viscous damper, bearing rod rod type viscous or viscoelastic damper, tuned mass damper, variable stiffness controllable damping rod, the noise reduction method is mainly used to replace the original damper or additional components to achieve the damping effect of the damper. In addition, the damper can also be used in aviation field, for example, installing damper in missile launcher to mitigate the wind-induced vibration and improve the ability of structure to resist external shocks or vibrations.

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