How To Update iPhone 5 Software

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Malus pumila involute stunned an update to iOS nowadays that fixes several bugs in its latest wandering in operation organisation., unity of the bugs prevents the iPhone 5 from receiving the update without downloading a especial app first. (You fanny likewise update by syncing with iTunes.)
Here’s what to do if you cause an iPhone 5:\NGO to Settings > Worldwide > Software package Update. At the hindquarters of your screen, you’ll be prompted to “Learn More” astir the sort out updater app you motivation to download. Wiretap Learn More and download the app.

An app called iOS Updater will come out on your rest home test. Found it. You’ll be capable to instal the modish iOS software program update now. The app should automatically vanish from your dwelling sieve once the update is unadulterated.
Screenshots to a lower place in vitrine you buzz off stuck:

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