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Now the red nothingness ring contained several aircraft from Samak portree – Brahma Gong Haona easy hand to seize the aircraft. The appearance of these aircraft, like the legendary uFo, dish. Equipped power with large energy weapons, red once in Malila channel depths tested that the power of weapons, just an attack, in the Marley Strait blasted a equivalent to an ordinary game player city the size of the pitHowever, this kind of attack of the energy consumption is huge, that attack, it consumes 1/4 of energy reserves of an aircraft. And what is this energy, red and black old Marshal et al studied n for a long time,, also didn’t have a clue. Just listen to the old marshal,football boots uk, this energy is not 20 system in the.Red also privately to Sun Wukong and Kronos asked the matter, Sun Wukong and Kronos consistent answer, this energy is not divine powers of.Therefore, the red to the aircraft, carefully up, make a future time and system in front of the war, as the killer used. But did not expect, this weapon he is not used, the red nations will have to face this devastating weapons.Let red feel more uncomfortable is, shammah portree – Brahma Gong Haona to aircraft, can not only have a devastating attack force so simple, they also have the flight of terrorAlthough these aircraft, flight of Dapeng than to slow down a lot, but compared to the general game player flying skills are almost too much. You know, the flight of ROC, even compared to Sun Wukong somersault cloud almost three points (red hearts have been wondering, Mirs and in journey to the West in the ROC is what relationship,cr7 cleats uk, otherwise, the flight of the two of them did than Sun Wukong somersault cloud quickly? Red even worried that, after Sun Wukong see the Dapeng, will not strike violently, but now two people live together peacefully, two people “don’t know,nike mercurial uk, red this just let go of heart.Although shammah portree – Brahma Gong Haona easy people still trapped in the adventures of home, one thirty will not come out. But shammah portree – Brahma Gong Haona easy and powerful vehicle, want to leave the adventurers home, to conquer system in the territory, it is easy.But once Sharma Portelli von Gong Haona to the red nations where, with their powerful attack force, the red nations must be destroyed in the eveningThe light is red in the Harry Porter valley of various aircraft last seen, not hundreds of even if they each only four attacks, the degree and the number of them, even though the red territory, like scattered in the clay oven rolls on the sesame, between each big city territory throughout the system, but to all the territories red country destroyed, will not have a hourMaybe, just Malila city is located in the depths of Malila, not easy to be aware of the city, it is possible to escape this difficult? Perhaps, is located in the East China Sea overseas people bird city and is located in the endless abyss abyss dragon, also can survive?.

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