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The red man although have power, but the level is still low. Like the red man adventure cave in to even tens of thousands of only 1/10000 to two loss of aura, the land can not build up any effect. Without the red man, still do not know when to get through this cave, with profit and loss on the East China sea. In my humble opinion of Chen, if not in the cave of the remote places, give red small man a small valley, and the establishment of strategies, let those adventurers only in their practice, but also hope the Dragon King Wang Si.”Two six nine, the red will recruitmentTwo six nine, the red will recruitmentEast China Sea Dragon Wang Lveyi pondered, big hand a flick, proudly said: “the prime minister said in”Subsequently, the East China Sea East Wang out of the transfer matrix of a nail size, to oneself for a while, small transmission expansion become a transfer matrix of two square meters, located in the side. Then take the transfer matrix of three nail size, to red, and gave the Reds a piece of jade jade Jane, Jane,, a record of the transmission installation method.Red took the transfer matrix, crush the heart of the excitement, and the East China Sea Dragon King, turtle prime minister and king mother greeted, jump into the fog light, in a wink and came to the cave.In accordance with the use of jade Jane in the note, the red to a transfer matrix is installed in the cave, coordinates specify the transfer matrix of the Dragon King of the eastern sea just placed.White light one Shan, Donghai Ryuwang,, turtle prime minister, king mother three people through the transmission to the cave. The old dragon king was excited to tears.Rejoicing, the Dragon King very bold to red said: “brother you like which Valley, pick”Red also not polite, Dapeng wings show, quickly in the cave in the flight. While flying, red watching their own personal experience on the panel. Fly in a circle,cheap polarized outlet, carefully select.Finally, the red choose one of his experience a rise in third speed,cheap oakley sunglasses, but more than twenty miles of the valley, said to Donghai Ryuwang: “it’s”The Dragon King of the eastern sea laugh, “brother and visionary, here although not cave in the most concentrated in the aura, but a vast territory and abundant resources, is the most abundant mineral place spirit cave, good eyesight if someone else is, I loathe to give him, but only for a man, and the East China Sea Dragon King.” the big hand flick, a piece of white light immediately put the valley surrounded. Then the East China Sea Dragon King passed to the red of a mouth, said: “brother, with the lips, you can enter the cave freely through here, with me Zhenfa, East China Sea Dragon King’s palace. Remember, this is not it.”Red music drink not approach mouth, free access to the Dragon King’s palace? It also worry later did not take the task of chance? East China Sea Dragon King of the task…… Hey, this task rich red some feel shy.Red immediately where the valley was a transfer matrix, and then open a teleport scrolls, returned to the red village, the village in red and laid another transmission, coordinate setting: the East China Sea caveRed by transfer matrix, back to.

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