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football#Wg7NvWhether these monkeys can get flat-share beauty,, his compensation is absolutely cannot little!Although Sun Wukong monkey monkey, but there are two fatal flaws. One is by not dared, a shock will be. Think that year, his two fellow zhubajie is goad to let Sun Wukong when numerous suckers. Another drawback, is a good face. Sun Wukong’s face the world knows, he has made many siyaomianzi living death.So the Reds have allowed this point, the first step to repeatedly plate buckle to monkey head.Sure enough, the monkeys do not hang on the face, hey hey sneered at 2, said: “brother, his eyes red you don’t panic! There is an old, no matter what kind of monster I took him into a paste!”Then, his eyes were like two searchlights were fired two rays, direct red chest, as he shouted, “tie! Where monster! Dare to mystify in front of an old, don’t hurry up and give me up!”With this Sun Wukong Duanhe, a red mist up in red chest suddenly. Makes a Jiaoyang lamping, clothing only covered half the temptation beauty from red arms down,cr7 cleats uk, plop fell to the ground. Scared to stand around and watch the lively small, could not help but exclaim a voice, and seemed to think of anything, a pair of eyes in the red body, upper and lower saccade, eyes are filled with the smell of vinegar.Looking at the drop to the ground, covering the mouth lamping temptation beauty, Sun Wukong is a little tenderness toward woman small have no idea. He sneered twice,Whether these monkeys can get flat-share beauty, “you this devil! Even to harm my karma! Hugh go, and eat my bar!” Then, right paw in the void catch, a golden light emitted from his ear, landed on his right claw, then the golden wind on the long, the blink of an eye into a long about brow, glittering long rod, it is Sun Wukong’s famous weapon Dinghaishenzhen Ruyi golden rods!Wait a moment. Temptation beauty quickly shouted: “you are the monkey king Sun Wukong?”Sun Wukong hey hey sneers at two, “the devil, you have heard of my Laosun’s name?”Temptation beauty immediately tears, very grievance ground cried, “Uncle sun, I can find you!”Two three seven,adidas predator, red uncleWhat the! Red almost fainted on the spot,nike mercurial vapor, sun uncle one one one this temptation beauty actually, stretch and relatives of the call “Uncle sun” Sun Wukong also called Leng, he put his best gold hoop stick a pestle, on the ground to knit the brows to say: “you this devil, Hugh in here to climb relatives! My Laosun did not recognize you!”Temptation beauty suddenly become like things to do like, tears brush brush went down “sun small uncle, you have not seen me. Growing up I was grew up listening to you make hell story. Call you a sound uncle is wrong? Besides. You don’t know me, but you must know my father.”The father? The red head some big. This temptation beauty actually told her father for his father, king in the hell, this is not the king Yan Luo?Although Sun Wukong is a monkey

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