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And the more the evil eye, fire is fierce,, but not lasting,tiffany co outlet reviews, all fast gunmen. Often only a few minutes, you dumb fire.While they are choking, Red Army rush forward. These multiple evil eye melee ability although good, but can not stand the red is really many, but also super * * * *, soul return ancestral trees all enemies of the genus x ì ng reduce 50 role. Just a moment, will be eliminated and a piece of. Estimated that only about ten percent of the more evil eye is red, to convert to. But even so,tiffany jewelry outlet, the red has also converted thousands more evil eyes.Red had the body becomes very sick, days and nights not line, something No. And now, have nutrition game bin, he is more act recklessly and care for nobody,tiffany and co outlet reviews, none of the passage of time. In particular, now the old lady in red beam of green light, as long as the guarantee that the final not hanging, not red nor any relationship classTherefore, to represent the Reds now performance can only use two words: complete darkness.Uh…… If these four words, not two words. However, even if is four words, is not enough to describe the red now, not to mention two words.Now, red two does not see the dawn. In the game, the bubble in the endless abyss, not to see the sun. In the reproduction of real, lying in the nutrition game bin all day, also see suffering oppression……Red does not know is, in the city of God, the church leaders, is pondering to “see” him in the endless abyss performance.”The Buddha,” quite good style of bright god, a concerned look says to Shakya Muni, “you said, let Sun Wukong take refuge, to teach this karma, what is right or wrong?”Shakya Muni shook with one big head, two pieces of thick mouth ch ú n a combination of both, “wrong, wrong is right. Bright, why are you so persistent?”Always look at the bright god Allah is not pleasing to the eye, cold hum a, “I only heard of to entertain imaginary or groundless fears, or the first time I saw it was bad Qi god bird, m á o long seen short”Hearing this, God would not like to, “the meaning of Allah, you who?”Our eyes to suddenly turn, “who? Who picked scold me is who””You” God fly, a hand, grabbed, wrapped around the head of that big M á o towel, “I let you call, I do not see you this shroud torn”It was Allah stamp with rage, I dare say I head God cloth is the shroud the bright god, I fuck you mother, without a sign of weakness, seized the light of God’s wings.Suddenly, m á o towel and white m á o flySeveral big side of the first burst of dumbfounded, then rush forward, all flurry and confusion to give away two people. Of course, the so-called have enemy to revenge, eye for eye, no not cause too. Some sort of big brothers, also have the way the black hand.Result?

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