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Japan since ancient times, although the name is not beautiful, but it can not be denied, the national coagulation force, is the top in the whole of mankind. This point, is not only in the reality, even have been fully reflected in the game.In the “conquer” the game, twelve billion game player,, Chinese game player, accounted for about 1/4, which is three billion. As long as a game player to donate ten gold coins, that is thirty billion gold, also won’t let the Black Dragon Society with only twenty billion coins, put the auction to makeRed is expected in advance, in this battle, there will be some of the Black Dragon Society allies to join the fight, but never thought, all Japanese game player, almost all of them into the black dragon city defend war many Japanese businesses, even announced the temporary, temporary holiday, all employees to give up everything in real life “conquer”, were all in the game, target, defend the black dragon cityIf the game player is in Japan, against the red city, even if their number to double, also could not shake the red cityEven if, Red Guard in the Black Dragon Society member is on the wall, by virtue of their strength, at least it can withstand three nights.But, now, red members only in Heilonggang town hall, with soul and flesh to establish a simple fortificationsTherefore, five hours to just five hours, the Red Army was forced to withdraw from the meeting, the cityThe Reds will fight, game player, including red, all the game player has killed at least one if not a soul tree in this battle, the red will will be weakenedNot only that,tiffany co rings, even more serious is the red race of attachment, multicast group, who face the demon evil eye falcon, bird family, attrition at least 10%This service, called the red will battle of history’s most tragicBut, while the Reds will be huge losses, gains, are more strikingAccording to incomplete statistics, this one battle, the red would kill Japanese game player, about eight hundred thousand people almost every second to kill 45 people.Although the black dragon will be completely disabled, red plan,cheap tiffany co sale, did not complete. But, but managed to make out the handThe attempt to the Black Dragon Society, burstWhen the system after the announcement, announced the news of the defeat the Black Dragon Society, almost all of the Japanese game player all crazy.Not only in the game, even if in reality also set off a wave of new waveBut, this is not the pastNow, in Japan, has been reduced to three flow state, and the comprehensive national strength, China, has been ranked firstThe Japanese * * wave, in the first time, China would have to put down. Even China, the government is not directly involved, just dial a few phone calls,tiffany engagement rings, immediately have ten countries, have announced a new round of economic sanctions against japan. In Japan, therefore, more member of gas.And these things, but not the red care.Now,

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