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First appeared in place,, is the home of adventure. Overnight, shammah portree – Brahma Gong Haona easy troops captured on strong adventurers home, in addition to the ten major villain by transfer matrix and fled to the red city, other tens of thousands of predator (that is, has become the three generation of idol Sharma Portelli von Gong Haona Yi people, all lost touch, and red country and don’t know.Moreover, those shammah portree – Brahma Gong Haona Yi people, do not know what reason, have identification ignore red in adventure family of the transmission system set up, followed by the ten villains,, through the transfer matrix into the red city. If not 24 hours in the red city black old Marshal promptly ordered, detonated the self-destruct device adventurers house transfer matrix, even the red city will be Sharma Portelli – Brahma Gong Haona homeopathic take easy.The news of the conquest, game player is opened Le wye. The red nations this time thunder is too strong, they finally got out of luck. This time, even the Red’s allies China also beside see played jokes. But I am still bright privately, and people close to him said such a sentence, “wood show in the forest, the wind will destroy them. Red China is too high, retribution ah”No one thought of game player, shammah portree – Brahma Gong Haona easy invasion of Red Nations War, is more than a system state that simple game player monster attack……Red is also the condition to be scorched by the flames come unexpectedly. Fortunately, although since ten the wicked all became gods after two generations, adventure house also into red country territory. But the adventurers’ house and red country and no direct land border, just by transfer matrix. And adventurers home located in a relatively closed environment, surrounded by the endless wilderness, no game player, even don’t belong to any system in.In the conquest of the game, there are a lot of places like this. Because the game is completely in accordance with the conquest of real design to conquer the planet. System in occupied area, is also the mankind has proven field. Conquer the planet than Earth many times of N, and the n where no found. These places,tiffany and co company, in addition to all belong to the system in the scope, may be nothing in it, may also be randomly produced a variety of monsters.For example, one bird hill, also do not belong to any system in. When the red “occupation” bird hill,tiffany companys, also for hidden dragon provides new territory, and get a double reward system and hidden dragon.Around the house all thanks to the adventure is the endless wilderness, those shammah portree – Brahma Gong Haona easy though occupied the adventurer’s home, but the moment he could not find the red nations, otherwise the red nations will have to face the first time Sharma Portelli von Gong Haona Yi People’s anger.But Sharma Portelli von Gong Haona Yi People’s strength, the red is seen. In shammah portree Sanskrit Gong Haona easily before the game player, not rivals, even they are red to be at a loss what to do. If not ten evil Yin hand from behind, I’m afraid red also

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