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Is this bag real

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Check out this link with regards to spotting knockoffs. It hard to tell because it’s a used bag,http:///, yet perhaps you could inquire the seller a few more queries, or for more pictures, showing some of the capabilities that all Mulberry bags really should have, eg Inside the handbag – the phony had no in brand inside. The real types have a black in England or in Poultry or in China brand inside. In addition there exists a letter(s) about the reverse. the correspondence represent the year/season that the bag was made and also apparently this is to help with the guarantee of the bag.

I can understand why you are sceptical. It dosen search as high quality since many Mulberry bags but that can simply be due to grow older. The highest quality Mulberry bags get gold trees on, they aren shown however, not all do,new balance shoes, exactly the best ones. And also 99.99 seems rather cheap for just one, don you think?

Then when it says (around bottom of web page) A classic Mulberry STYLE, the style leaves some questioning. If it was real it wouldn be in design for,classic shoes, now would it?more:

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