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Netanyahu warns Syrian combatants not to strike Israel
JERUSALEM – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, viewing an Israeli military exercise on the entertained Golan Heights on Thursday, cautioned warring parties throughout Syria against any attacks on Israel.
“We are not seeking to challenge anyone, but no one will harm the State of Israel without a reply – a strong along with resolute response,” this individual told soldiers that took part in a Golani infantry brigade exercise.
Israel captured the Golan Heights from Syria in the 1967 Middle East war, and stray mortar tanks and gunfire from the Syrian municipal war have at times struck inside Israeli lines on the plateau, increasing concern the clash could widen.
Israel anxieties that the Golan could become a new springboard for attacks upon Israelis by Islamist militants who are among rebels fighting to oust Syrian Us president Bashar al-Assad.
Netanyahu has said repeatedly that Israel has no desire to be attracted into the fighting. But also in his remarks towards the soldiers he observed they were training for “a various possibilities”.
“The exercise we are undertaking here is not theoretical,In . Netanyahu said, in comments broadcast on Israeli radio stations. “The reality around all of us is changing at a enormously rapid pace. It is volatile and dynamic and we have to be well prepared accordingly.”
Israel offers conducted at least three air strikes on suspected Syrian depots for arms meant for Lebanon’s Hezbollah fighters and its particular forces have occasionally shelled Syrian positions in response for you to shooting at the Israeli part of the Golan.
Compounding Israeli concerns, fighting erupted 3 weeks ago between Assad’s soldiers and rebels near the armistice series that was set on the Golan in 1974, prompting Austria to declare it would withdraw from a U.N. viewer force on the heights.
Austrian troops have for ages been the core from the force, which has supervised the Israeli-Syrian ceasefire for nearly 4 decades. U.N. peacekeepers have got occasionally been consumed hostage by Syrian rebels in recent months, nevertheless all have been introduced.
The Israeli military mentioned the exercise had been planned a year in advance and was part of a regular schedule regarding drills.
A armed service spokeswoman gave zero further details about the exercise. But Israel’s YNet media site said dozens of tanks and armored staff carriers participated knowning that the drill was held over several days.

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