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Vittorio Missoni News – Seek out Vittorio Missoni and the Missing Airplane – ELLE

Photo: Getty Pictures

While the aircraft that went missing upon January 4 transporting Vittorio Missoni, his wife Maurizia Castiglioni, and 2 other passengers is still equipped with not been found, a piece to the bigger picture has emerged. One more plane coincidentally carrying 4 passengers, which also gone away in the same place (off the coast associated with Venezuela) on the exact same date but in 2008, ended up being recently found by a search ship, Sea Look survey ship. The actual Let L-410 jet was 900 meters beneath sea level nearby the coast of Los Roques. Perhaps this can give the Missonis some hope that answers are near as Seashore Scout survey dispatch will continue to hunt for the aircraft holding Vittorio and crew. The thoughts remain together with the famous fashion family members through this difficult time.

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