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Waynero’s Recent ActivityLatest CommentsParents face the student loan double whammyMon Aug 26,, 2013There needs to be more context to this article.What is her master’s degree in? Is it a lucrative career field or something that doesn’t pay enough to make the degree worth it?Did she plan to have kids and what was her savings plan for the children’s finances as they aged?The cost of college is to …Bulletproof school supplies get low grades from safety expertsWed Aug 21, 2013People who are willing to spend that kind of money on such impractical products are asking to be duped.They don’t think fully about the situation and are making irrational reactionary purchases. It’s a free country though. The most one should do is inform others of how unlikely it is for the produ …Muslim Brotherhood leader arrested 鈥?as Hosni Mubarak ordered releasedMon Aug 19,moncler online, 2013Considering what I have seen in videos of the Egyptian military “handling” civilians I would say that the police and military were asking for it. It’s one thing to fight back against extremists,moncler sale, but the military has clearly been seen attacking non-violent protestors.’People think everyone who is poor gets welfare,discount moncler jackets, and it’s just not true’; How the myth of the welfare queen diedWed Aug 21, 2013neoatgStephanie You seem to think they have a choice they don’t . Cheap food is bad for you but it’s the only thing some people can afford.Norway’s PM becomes taxi driver for a day to canvass opinionMon Aug 12, 2013Yes, the story from the sourced article mentions that the passengers were not asked to pay.Daughter: I lied and sent my dad to prison for rapeSun Aug 18, 2013Byron Raum2 Mo. women charged in antifreeze poisoning deathsSun Jun 23, 2013I think this one may have been written several times already. No need.Diet products contain dangerous drugs, FDA warnsTue Jun 18, 2013Unlike prescription drugs, supplements and herbal products are not regulated by the FDA before they are sold. So long as makers don’t make specific healthy claims, they can sell products made with ingredients that are “generally recognized as safe”. But the FDA can test these  …’Standing Man’ goes viral,moncler sale, inspires silent protests in TurkeyTue Jun 18,moncler outlet, 2013I would love to hear the explanation from police about the “violent” protestors who were just standing there in a public area.The Turkish government clearly has an agenda here. I don’t care if rioters are arrested, but attacking non-violent protestors typically means you are trying to hide somethin …Obama defends Syria handling to skeptical public, critical congressmenMon Jun 17, 2013What about the presidential administrations before Obama? When they provided weapons to that region were they also trying to help their Muslim Brotherhood?Do you understand how ridiculous you sound?Obama is bad, but so were the others. Stop singling him out as if the other presidents were somehow  …Questions & AnswersWaynero hasn’t answered any TODAY questions yet.