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Raymond mill is one of the equipments used for grinding stone. It is widely used in many fields such as construction, building materials, chemical industry, mineral processing, metallurgy and so on. It plays an important role in improving the quality of ore. Raymond mill is usually characterized by high efficiency, low cost, easy operation, large output, low energy consumption, environmental protection and so on, which has attracted much attention and welcome in the industry.

Raymond mill as a mill equipment, to do regular maintenance, regular maintenance, attention to each small problem small hidden trouble, correct operation, in order to avoid unnecessary accidents, then how to choose lubricating grease maintenance?

1. The lubricant temperature of Raymond mill should also be paid attention to. In the use of the lean oil system of Raymond mill, we must pay attention to its return oil temperature, which should not exceed 60 degrees. The oil temperature can be controlled by adjusting the oil valve to control the flow of oil or by means of water cooling. Only in this way can we ensure the mill’s normal production.

2. The use of Raymond mill grease to consider its economic applicability, in the case of lubrication effect, as far as possible to reduce the use of grease varieties, so as to minimize the cost of production and use.

3. Where grease is used, the variety of grease to be added should be selected according to the different ways of adding grease. In Raymond mill, the roller and grinding ring are the main breaking parts of the roller bearing in this place often move, which requires timely lubrication measures. If not, the friction between the machine parts will soon be damaged. But it is important to note that the lubricant added to this place should be dry oil lubricants. Some workers will suggest that dry oil solidifies easily in winter, when a certain amount of thin oil should be added to the lubricant to avoid the lubricant solidification in the course of use can not produce the desired effect.

4. when choosing grease, pay attention to the working state of Raymond mill. The vibration intensity of Raymond mill is relatively high when it is working. The grease with high viscosity, good adhesion and good shock absorption performance should be selected when selecting grease. In this way, the use time and effect of grease will not be affected by the strong vibration force of Raymond mill.

5. The purpose of using lubricant in Raymond mill is different, which requires using grease according to different purposes. In addition, if the grease is used in a more sealed state, it should be considered whether the grease can coexist with the sealed medium.

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