Introduce Three Optimization Operation Of Vertical Mill

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The main purpose of the optimization operation of vertical mill is to realize high quality and stable production. There are many factors influencing its optimization operation including the production flow of powder grinding, the types and specifications of the vertical mill, the physical property of the materials fed into the grinding mill and the feeding amount and the uniformity, the fineness of the final products, the ore separation efficiency and the cyclic load and grinding pressure, and all the factors interact with each other. This paper will focus crushing screening plant in south africa on the three optimization operation of vertical mill.
(1) Adjust the material feeding
a. Adjust the water content of the materials fed into the mill. When the average water content of the materials exceeds the drying load of the grinding mill, the materials will stick onto the roller bed and form a bugger layer, which will reduce the powder grinding efficiency, for this reason, the water content of the materials fed into the grinding mill should be strictly controlled within 12%.
b. According to the load of the grinding mill, adjust the material feeding amount. To bring the efficiency of the grinding mill into full play and make it reach high productivity, it is necessary to maintain stable and proper material feeding amount. The workers can timely adjust it according to the change of the power and electric current of the grinding mill to make the grinding process return to normal.
(2) Adjust the small scale gold mining equipment cyclic amount
When the grinding mill begins to work normally, it is not necessary to change the cyclic amount so as not to influence the stability of the system. Generally speaking, when the materials are configured again or the granularity of the materials changes, the cyclic amount will be changed. Timely adjust the cyclic amount according to the electric current of the cyclic bucket and the changing condition of the titration value of the calcium carbonate to maintain it within a proper rang.
(3) cost of cement clinker grinding plant Adjust the hot wind
Vertical mill is a special machine among the air-swept mills. Only when its dying ability and the powder grinding ability reach dynamic balance can the system realize stability. For this reason, it is necessary to timely and correctly adjust the hot mind to satisfy the requirement of the powder grinding process for drying according to the working condition. The adjustment includes the temperature and the amount of the hot wind. The adjusting principle goes like this: on the premise of ensuring the safety of the equipment, reach high drying speed, balance the powder grinding ability and drying ability and reduce the heat loss.