It is understood that Hwang was born in 1968 in Guangdong Huaiji man

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(Reporter / Tang dream intern / Zhong Meihua) Hwang learned that his uncle had cancer, the forced pressure, risk of drug trafficking drug manufacturing process, can not find work under Foshan nephew, uncle, “collaboration” nephew Delivery . Yesterday morning, the City Intermediate People’s Court of the cases of drug trafficking and processing system of drug traffickers, two defendants pleaded guilty in court.

Raising children for medical treatment, but went and trafficking of illicit drugs

It is understood that Hwang was born in 1968 in Guangdong Huaiji man, nicknamed “Ah Yang”, and they have five children,woolrich sito ufficiale, early 2008 Nanhai District came to work, staying in Chancheng District, Sha East Fourth Street, and later became unemployed.

Hwang said he felt in June and July last year, was not feeling well and went to the hospital for examination and treatment of some small, but has not been recovered, and later to a hospital for verification,hogan,, found that he was had nasopharyngeal cancer,,parka woolrich, and only about two years life. Well he did not expect to live a few years, in order to heal and to give their children to earn some tuition,nike tn requin, Hwang will be wondering to do business to make money.

Hwang found acquaintance Guangxi man “Ah Yi,” so he introduced business. A wish to express to sell “white powder” easy money, and describes the man selling drugs in Guangxi A security supplier to Hwang. Subsequently, Hwang borrowed from relatives and friends,,peuterey piumini, as tens of thousands of dollars of funds, and rented located north of Australia Guicheng stacked side door of God a rental, also bought a jack, blender, hob,piumini moncler, electronic scales and other tools Prepare blending drugs.

During this period, the A Bao Hwang bought drugs back again at a Jiaoe Zhong Qingyuan people buy some ingredients and methods according to Zhong told him drugs and ingredients blending together, and then divided by the compaction Unpacking sold.

Unemployment nephew, uncle to guide and support the delivery

And as the second defendant “A strong” is the nephew Hwang,moncler outlet, A strong last year due to not find a job after Foshan. Let uncle nephew Hwang help delivery. A strong, according to account,, he began last September to help Uncle delivery.

Every black uncle would give him small parcels to fixed “guests”, and the “guests” will give him cash. Nephew, uncle on each will be given to the real amount of cash received, uncle sent him 5000 yuan monthly salary.

A strong argued that he has been sent is not clear what their own goods, but he and his uncle left the phone number of drug addicts as a contact.

Police arrest report, nephew with arrest

The afternoon of February 16 this year,moncler donna, the South China Sea Guicheng Public Security Bureau police station received a report from the masses,requin nike tn, the deployment of police in northern Australia stacked side entrance to a motorcycle repair shop without a license will be arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking A strong and seized his crime with ladies motorcycle car. After 1 hour, the police amine Avenue in overlapping sections stacked amine hospital Hwang captured.

Subsequently, the police in Hwang nephew in northern Australia stacked inside edge of the door to God lease rental suspicious white powder seized 85 bags, net weight 88 grams,, was identified as heroin,giubbotti moncler, content of 34.6%; a bag of white powder blocks, NW 100 g,abercrombie outlet milano,, was identified as heroin,, content of 94.1%; 36.48 g seized ingredients and jacks, mixers, electronic scales and other tools for committing crimes.

According to Hwang confessed, from September 2008,, he and others from the Arab insurance purchased heroin hands twice. One is 20 grams, the second is 50 grams. First bought 20 grams of drugs blending into 100 grams sold out, bought a second blending good drugs sold about 40-50 grams,scarpe hogan, and the rest are on the edge of the stack of the rental house in the village of northern Australia.

Currently, the case is under further investigation.