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“We will kill the witness after stealing money”, “do not give money I’ll kill your grandson,” these sounds chilling words, but by two sixteen-year-old juvenile population, more puzzling is that only 600 dollars, the two parents can escape the eyes of the boy murdered. June 25, Internet shopping is killing small game blog (a pseudonym) and the town (a pseudonym) was apprehended by the police Jixi, that killed the sole property exposed, without a trace of regret in the eyes of the two boys and regret their indifference and Cruel to the presence of the police are sad.

School children play alone in front suspicious neighbor discovery massacre

“Murder scene had obviously been carefully cleaned, did not leave any valuable clues.”

At 14:36 ​​on June 15, Jixi Hulin City Dongfanghong Forestry Area Public Security Bureau command center received a report, said the area was killed by an elderly person at home, the police rushed to the scene. According to the report villagers, just after noon that day, a neighbor from home passing villager Wang Hua (a pseudonym), found two-year-old Wang grandson playing alone in front of the hospital, the neighbors would send their children to the hospital and shouted Wang Hua, no answer After the walk into the room, found Wang Hua neck cross the blood flow, has died, and immediately reported the matter.

After the police investigation is now checked and found that there were signs of turning off the room,hollister, Wang Hua neck, ribs and even the five trauma, should blunt knife or ax and other injured, the scene was cleaned, did leave any valuable fingerprint clues and tools of crime.

Internet claiming 48 hours to escape with Television murder captured

“Kill something like a long time, according to television staged murdered, without leaving any traces, should seamless.”

Dongfanghong Forestry local police quickly set up a special investigation team visited, while the transfer of the incident near the monitor, found two suspicious men ran helter-skelter from the Wang family blocks, calm down immediately after 1 minute, look changes fast attention of the police. Subsequently, the police confirmed the identity of the two men, a 16-year-old native of a small blog, and the other is 17 years old and just returned to the local town.

June 17, police arrested two men in Hegang certain Internet cafe, killing two people are playing online games, “kill the things we want for a long time, staged by the television did not leave traces, but also off the mouth, I did not expect you so soon got! “According to the two men confessed to this action, the two have been wandering in the forest for a week, on the 16th in the afternoon, their home away from home near Capitol Wang Hua, Wang Hua, after her husband went out to see, then to ask Road name into the yard, they agreed: “! No matter how much money grab, can not get caught.”

Instant calm calmly eat cold haircut after the murder

“I did not feel scared, just talk to her grandchildren also work together to solve the time, did not think of my grandmother had died suddenly jumped toward us, that would be a little scared.”

It is a small blog, who recalls that the two failed to Wang Hua demanding money, he called out to the small Chi Wang said: “! Do not give money to kill your grandson,” Wang Hua quickly open the washing machine at home, which took $ 100, two People see the washing machine as well as 500 yuan, will come together to grab. Subsequently, the two lift up sword Kanxiang Wang Hua, Wang fell to the ground, they discuss is not to get rid of the child. At this point, a pool of blood Wang Hua suddenly stood up and shouted: “Do not hurt my grandson!” They were shocked Wang Hua move. Town, said: after. “At that time we were up sweat Mao Duli, facing Wang is tied meal chaos”, they replaced the bloody coat, installed out of the royal ax and machete.

Police found the monitor, they ran one minute after they talked and laughed to eat cold cold room. According to the account, the evening will be the weapon hidden in two small blog home, then go out to dinner, haircut, sing, go to Internet cafes. Night a small blog would throw his weapon within a school toilets. The next day, they train to work in Hegang, town turn his ax throw trash in the train station.

Good relationships with family murder to vent their anger to prove himself

“They do not regret feeling dazed expression empty!”

According to police, 16-year-old small blog, at home parents business, their spoiled, money money; town 17 years old, parents are farmers, were divorced remarry, they are not good relationship with his family, his family rarely concerned about the child’s psychology. In the minds of parents both sides, although they drop out of school early to work, but they are very good quality kids. They were arrested the same day escorted back to Forest, a small blog with alcohol parents rushed to the police station, they were very surprised small blog robbery and murder!

Police said two children and always find a motive, a small blog is a gross understatement to say: “! We wanted to spend the entire amount of money, take the opportunity to kill people, to vent to vent.” When asked whether they regret, the two children did not any expression, when asked whether parents miss? They reflect the still silence and loss. But at the end of the trial, two children invariably said, killing their own ideas, and partners does not matter. For this answer, people feel speechless, law, ethics and conscience does not seem to exist in front of them, their eyes only briefly, the most precious friendship immature behind Mozhizhemowei education is missing! (Reporter Sun Haiying)

Source: Al-Hayat

(Original title: Jixi two teenagers robbed 600 yuan for one minute to kill the woman hacked to death after eating cold and laughing)