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Hatoyama’s domestic activities are colorful, but the media found Hatoyama seems to be more favored celebrities met outside the political arena, but also with his wife “love each other” Hand in Hand proportion of more than Prime Ministers. Hatoyama will probably be similar to the itinerary as one way to relieve the pressure, but still lead to “too hasty” cynicism.Catwalk charity clothing, baseball player or dinner … food critic, since Hatoyama took office a month, official travel is more than the celebrity meet particularly noticeable. Hatoyama has lamented “the residence life stifling.

Ji himself without knowing a driver’s license, was found in April this year bought a three-wheeled motorcycle, afraid to spend money the easy way, do not give the card to buy car insurance, on the road in the freight. “According to the police,nike tn 2014, Wang Ji is a frequent visitor to the factory delivery,louboutin soldes, delivery to the car every logical and eight bridges, received only 100 yuan per trip, but please outsiders at least 150 yuan,christian louboutin soldes, to help the king boss delivery so far no accident.Police investigations showed that three-wheeled motorcycle accident “black car”,nike tn officiel, and the perpetrators of Ji certain age has a large, family economic conditions are very poor, there is no ability to compensate families of the deceased.In order to give the dead a statement, the victim found Zhouxiang original supplier of the owner of a company Wong, Wong hope that employers can bear some financial compensation.October 13, Gaoyou police issued an accident identified: the perpetrators were arrested in a Ji, please help the delivery of its 160,000 yuan compensation to the owner of the deceased.If the vehicle will not employ formal responsibilityAfter the accident occurred,hogan outlet, Wang was very confused, because it plays a Ji accident causing fatal accident was arrested, but because of financial compensation to be borne by Wang, such treatment is reasonable? To this end, the reporter interviewed specifically GaoYou Jieshou Tribunal Xuedong Bing.Xue introduced the President, which in this case,hollister soldes, Wang units as orderer, the vehicle chosen negligent,nike tn, because the driver is not driving permit driver’s license, and no insurance,hollister france, so causing bodily harm others if accidents happen.

this units shall bear the corresponding liability.”If we had this company employs formal legal operating vehicles to transport goods, even if the vehicle is involved in an accident, as an employer need not assume too much liability.” Xue said the President, which basically is to see the other side has no driver’s license,boutique christian louboutin, there is no vehicle traveling card, there is no pay high insurance and commercial insurance,moncler doudoune, as well as cargo vehicles, there is no operating permits, if these areas are complete, and in this case, if the accident occurred in the completion of this pilot process caused others damage,christian louboutin shoes, then as a unit,mulberry sale, Wang not assume any liability.Reporters learned from Gaoyou City traffic police brigade, the city has been the cause of continuous occurrence of two companies employ unlicensed operation of a traffic accident car transport illegal goods. Police advise the employer in finding a vehicle to transport goods,mulberry bags, there must be a reasonable review of the obligation can not find those undocumented unlicensed insurance insufficiency, poor vehicle condition of the vehicle on the road, so as not to bring their own economic losses.World Wide Web intern reporter Guan Xiang reported, according to Malaysia, “Kwong Wah Yit Poh,” October 15 reported that the new Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama Yukio after inauguration actively participate in international conferences overseas visits, hoping to enhance understanding of the international community to the new Japanese government. In addition to overseas travel.

” perhaps he therefore deemed these more relaxed itinerary stress relief methods. Unlike several Aso telling the media and party cadres secret meeting style, and Hatoyama forthrightly and celebrity meet quite an enjoyable trip.The evening of September 29, Hatoyama and adjutant Executive Dining Room, the same seats as well as food blog comments accompany Naoyuki Sato. September 21, itself, is a Japanese professional baseball Giants fans Hatoyama and former Giants star Masumi Kuwata cast to play the ball at his official residence, Hatoyama has therefore lamented that “this is the prime minister of welfare.” And “Ha Han family,christian louboutin outlet,” Mrs. Hatoyama also on the 6th of this month and the Giants Korean player Lee Seung-yup dinner together.

who lives in Gaoyou Zhouxiang received a factory in charge of Ji Wang sister’s phone,moncler soldes, saying he needed help to send shipment. 70-year-old Ji a three-wheeled motorcycle immediately drove his catch in the past, after the goods loaded on the train,hollister pas cher, to the town of Gaoyou patrol cars and eight bridges heading.9:29 Xu, Ji driving a three-wheeled motorcycle from east to west line to the Zhouxiang fork (camp south highway in front of the station), the driver of a tractor just met Zhang accounted left turn from north to south Road stop to. Ji left side to avoid a hastily, but avoid improper,moncler piumini, he was driving a three-wheeled motorcycle with the left front of the 60-year-Zhou driving electric bicycle grazing occur, causing serious injury Zhou.After the accident, Ji a phone call the police immediately, waiting for police to deal with. Soon, the police have been rushed to the scene and 120. 120 Zhou subsequently taken to hospital. But later, the police learned from the hospital, Zhou serious injuries, after she died.Motorcycle accident three “black car”Police immediately on a motorcycle accident and the driver launched an investigation. “In this incident.