Later Maintenance of Mining Machines Is Increasingly Vital

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SMS hydraulic cone crusher is produced completely hydraulic,instead of manufactured by spring and half-hydraulic,which is a brand-new one.Compared with the same modle,same cavity,it has 140% capacity.Since its structure is speacial design,so it has a quicker speed. The equipments selection is very important of cone cruhser in assignments. But the later maintenance is also important, it’s the only way to ensure the cone crusher’s life,so what are the precautions? Henan Hongxing will make a introduction for you:

1)Cone crusher cylindrical bushing and frame body for the third kind of transition cooperate, in order to prevent bushing turns, and in the upper bushing slot into zinc alloy, replace new line should be set according to the frame of the actual size, body made because cone crusher after a long time of work and loading and unloading necessarily causes the change of relationship with a general cause if clearance bushing happen broken

2)The biggest ore size of cone crusher, can’t equal to feeding mouth size,( to the ore blocks largest size to 85% ore mouth size)otherwise will reduce the production of cone crusher, and damage some parts of cone crusher, load starting will cause an accident. The complete serious of mobile crushing and screening equipment includes mobile crushing station, jaw crusher crushing station, impact crusher crushing station andcone crusher crushing station.

3) Conical taper sleeve bushing with empty partiality axis to research into the close, zinc alloy to prevent cone set of rotation, zinc alloy will be filled with all the gap, since heat note zinc alloy sake may cause the deformation of the cone crusher set of spare parts manufacturing should be set according to the actual size of an eccentric inner diameter made to keep the original cooperate.

Cone crusher adopts hydraulic maintenance and hydraulic cavity clearing, has high automation and shorter downtime.

Hydraulic cone crusher has easier maintenance, more convenient operation and shorter downtime; the bidirectional over iron release hydraulic cylinders allow the iron through the crushing chamber, the hydraulic adjusting discharge opening and overload device greatly improve operation.