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Keeping The Peace: Steps Estate Planning Lawyers Recommend To Minimize The Chances Of A Battle For YEven if you work with a great will attorney, it can be difficult to ensure that your will is secured from contest. Learn these tricks from estate planning lawyers to make your will as ironclad as possible. Depending on your family, it may not be possible to completely avoid a contest over your estate. Although such a contest may be inevitable, you can certainly take steps to prevent it. The key is to make your actual testament as foolproof as possible. This involves much more than just working with a qualified will attorney in the drafting process. While it does include some obvious steps, estate planning lawyers see too many situations where people didn’t understand the whole process, and ended up unintentionally causing problems within their family as a result. Step 1: Meticulous Record-KeepingWhenever a testament is contested, its validity is put into question. Usually, the contesting party holds that the author was for whatever reason unable to complete such a document, or that the one being used to execute the estate is not the correct one.

Additionally, the above-the-line higher education tuition deduction is extended through 2013, as is the teachers’ classroom expense deduction. Under state law, it is possible to impose controls over property. And Brittany Spears’ case is one we all estate planning heard about for her lack of appointing someone as her attorney for healthcare. Because the non-voting membership interests lack control and marketability. As a estate planning result they become civil enemies.