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The intersection of California and Mils of Pittas MILPITAS, CA -August 3rd, 2011- Ling Li special company Linear Technology Corporation It is to put out LT1431 it is high-reliability MP grade redaction,these three terminal adjustable to can last voltage stabilizators in – work in junction temperature range of C of 150 degrees C of 55 degrees. This device has voltage drift that electric current absorbing capacity of 100mA, 0.4% of the accuracy grade of original reference voltage, and maximum within the range of whole temperature are 1.4%. The built-in partial pressure resistor allows to dispose LT1431 into a 5V shunt regulator. Through setting up two external resistors, can presume the output voltage as any number value between 36V of 2.5V. The nominal internal electric current limit of 100mA can be reduced by adopting a rolling mill bearing external resistor.
The active output circuit has offered a very perfect putting through the characteristic, thus make the device substitute in much application remarkably for example: Built-in voltage regulation, adjustable power, and isolated switching power supply,etc. Zener diode. The LT1431 MP grade device adopts SO-8 plastic capsulation, the price is every film of 6.49 dollars that a thousand Coupling Capacitor sheets buy goods wholesale.

The photo explains: Adjustable type shunt regulator

Characteristic summary: LT1431

? Up to Absorption current ability of 100mA
? Rigorous 0.4% of the original voltage accuracy
? Have maximum within the range of whole temperature Low voltage drift of 1.4%
? Preserve 5V output voltage or from From 2.5V to the adjustable output voltage of 36V
? -55 degrees of C are to the working junction temperature range of 150 degrees of C
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