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hindering the healthy development of urbanization.National Bureau of Statistics data released in 2012, China’s urbanization rate reached 52.57%. Tsinghua University,louboutin, one of China and urbanization of China’s economic survey data centers this year released October 27,boutique louboutin, China’s urbanization rate is very low household, non-farm household population of the country’s total population, compared to just 27.6%. Analysts pointed out that the reform of the household registration management has significantly lagged behind the de facto population urbanization.In the background of the new urbanization, the household registration system reform is desperately needed. “About 2013 to deepen economic reform priorities comments” made it clear that the reform of the household registration system to be classified advance. Xu Shaoshi report also proposed to gradually eliminate barriers between urban and rural household registration area, full liberalization of small towns and small cities located in restraints,woolrich parka, orderly liberalization of medium-sized cities settled restrictions gradually relaxed cities settled conditions,barbour jackets, a reasonable set of mega-cities settled conditions gradual shift to meet the requirements of the agricultural population into urban residents. Agriculture Minister Han Changfu recently on the “People’s Forum” magazine published an article calling for the reform of urban-rural linkage, phasing out the difference between urban and rural household registration system status conferred by migrant workers flow into the channels of the city.Hukou reform public expectations after the Third Plenary Session of the eighth speed. President of China Development Institute (Hainan) Reform Chi Fulin said that the full release of urbanization huge domestic potential.

needs to be greater determination and courage reform the household registration system and other aspects of innovation, and to a clear timetable for reform of the household registration system, create conditions for the household registration system to exit the stage of history in 8-10 years. 1-2 years is recommended stripping welfare distribution function of the household registration system, the abolition of small towns in the household registration system, the establishment of a population registration system; 3-5 years, in addition to some of the mega-cities,basket louboutin femme, the household registration system in other cities of the basic open,louboutin pas cher, comprehensive implementation of the residence permit system; 5-8 years, the full implementation of population registration system identification code that uniquely identifies. (End)(Original title: Focus reform “bones”: income, pension,boutique louboutin paris, hukou reform to be a breaYangcheng Evening News reporter Xie Ying.

but was able to enjoy a higher retirement pensions than enterprise workers, pension “dual system” has been regarded as the greatest injustice of the pension system,chaussures louboutin pas cher, the requirements on social pensions Bounce the voice continued.In fact,zanotti femme, the official early in 2008 has introduced measures to try to solve this problem. February 2008, the State Council promulgated the “institution staff pension system reform plan” to determine in Shanxi, Shanghai, Zhejiang,hogan milano, Guangdong,parajumpers, Chongqing, five provinces and institutions to carry out pre-pension system reform. But more than five years later, the relevant slow progress of reform.October 25 this year, Human Resources and Social Ministry spokesman Yin Chengji in response pension “dual track” issue, said two-track pension issues of social concern,hollister roma est, the central government has made clear the direction of reform, namely the establishment of organizations and institutions to promote the pension system.

social security, health care and many other benefits linked to the larger household welfare differences between urban and rural areas. Under the strict management of the household registration system, a lot of people can not enjoy the same treatment in urban migrants live and work. But to achieve equalization of public services,pjs doudoune, but also requires a huge investment, which restricts the deepening of the reform of the household registration system.June 26 this year, the National Development and Reform Commission Xu Shaoshi, the NPC Standing Committee report on the urbanization construction work, said the existing household registration management,boutique louboutin paris, land management and other systems, to a certain extent,woolrich parka uomo, the pattern of urban-rural imbalances curing interests has been formed restricted the agricultural population transfer and integration of urban and rural development community.

and gradually eliminate pension equity imbalance “dual track” under.Yin Chengji given specific roadmap was,hogan uomo, “the first pilot,hogan outlet, at the conclusion on the basis of pilot experience to improve existing programs and policies to promote and implement a full-scale.”Analysts pointed out that the pension “dual system” has become a constraining bottleneck pension system reform in China, do not bite off a piece of “bones”, it is difficult to promote other measures. Calls for a comprehensive reform of the pension system enough top-level design,parajumpers pas cher, to improve the protection of those unfair low levels while reducing those extremely high protection serious social impact the bottom line, in order to eliminate the “poor treatment” to ensure a fair pension.Need a clear timetable for reform of the household registration systemIn addition to the distribution of income and pensions “dual system”, the household registration system is people expect a “bones” can chew on a new round of reform under. For a long time, residence directly with education.