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responsible person, every Golden Week, the staff on duty are available through this big-screen real-time monitoring of people,louboutin, traffic situation over twenty key scenic Beijing and more than ten key areas. Once congestion, high traffic and other conditions appear Tourism Committee will be through SMS, set up in the area as well as the electronic screen periphery of major transportation hub,abercrombie femme, timely tips information for tourists traveling early shunt.It is understood that the main role of Beijing Holiday Office is focused on the city during the holiday season scenic tourist reception etc. coordination and communication. In addition to the Municipal Tourism outsourcing,jordan pas cher, Beijing Holiday Office is also involved in a number of departments of public security, transportation,christian louboutin, etc., during the holidays, the units will be in the field of personnel where their duty,vetement hollister pas cher, if any unexpected events occur, will communicate with each other the first time,boutique louboutin paris, with the work . Beijing Holiday Office will begin run until the seventh day today. Text / reporter Zhao TingtingSound “Holiday Office does not determine the holidays.”Yesterday, the person in charge of the reform of the research group holiday Tsinghua University, Cai Jiming,barbour paris, director of the Political Economy Research Center for Beiqing Bao told reporters, netizens on the National Holiday of “Chagang” action is actually Holiday Office can be doing it wrong.Cai Jiming introduction, National Holiday stands for “inter-ministerial coordination meeting of the National Holiday Tourism Office”,hogan outlet, is essentially held together with a dozen ministries and related tourism department will be the occasion, the meeting established a routine office,scarpe hogan, called “The Office “that is the National Holiday. If it does not meet it,hollister abercrombie, it has no function.He said that in 1999, the state began to set up the Golden Week, the National People’s centralized travel during the Golden Week,louboutin, will inevitably result in a huge impact on transportation, catering, accommodation, tourist attractions.

the phone has been busy. This member of the public had to dig out before recording phone number of staff, the dial so that the office building where people come out to accept it into the door.Related News Beijing Holiday Office started todaySpring Festival Golden Week officially kicked off today. Yesterday, the Beijing Municipal Tourism Committee office information center, the staff of the scenic Golden Week electronic monitoring equipment used for the final commissioning,air max bw pas cher, ready for duty during the holiday.Yesterday morning,hollister homme, the Beijing Tourism Building, 9th Floor,chaussure tn pas cher, information center,christian louboutin paris, the staff busy commissioning a large screen on the wall,sweat hollister pas cher, and with the installation of the camera’s scenic one by one to confirm, to ensure that each electronic screen can receive real-time transmission of data to the area and images. The staff side of the electronic screen, as well as during the Spring Festival tourism committee from various offices on duty over the deployment of the name and telephone number.According to City Tourism Committee.

etc., which requires coordination between the relevant departments of the State Council to ensure safe travel during the holidays,pjs homme, and the estimated annual economic impact of Golden Week, changes in revenue,louboutin femme, number of trips and the like.