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parents and other parties,louboutin, to establish a scientific, standardized and transparent security incidents and evaluation mechanisms,magasin hollister, procedures, rules . In addition,tn pas cher, the establishment of mechanisms for the students to do insurance accident insurance for schools and reasonable partial pressure.”Only in a rational and tolerant environment, to expect teachers to be more bother to pay more if easily negated, teachers are probably choose to play it safe for the children to grow up healthy and happy, when the ostrich.” Miao teacher says.Home when Jinghua Times (Reporter Pei Xiaolan) poor family,hollister uk, both deaf and dumb man in Inner Mongolia to Beijing Wang tracing theft, has not yet succeeded was arrested, released on bail after return home. Taking into account the economic dilemma Wang, recently, Shunyi Court and other judges and prosecutors went to Wang’s home court, and sentenced him to a fine of a lighter punishment.Wang Yadong Arun Qi in Inner Mongolia Hulunbeier region town of villagers are illiterate and deaf since childhood. Last January, he went to Beijing during the tracing burglary,hogan sito ufficiale, has not yet succeeded i.e. caught, after the prosecution for theft indictment to the Shunyi court. During Wang was released on bail,giuseppe zanotti sneakers, because of living in Beijing unfunded and unable to communicate.

people see that the social system of risk-sharing mechanisms, the safety of students in schools in an accident when they become indifferent bystanders, security burden only against the principals and teachers of the body. Who will share those schools it? Many people of insight appeal, the key predicament is abandon the “ostrich” mentality,doudoune pjs, the establishment of a chain of chain of responsibility, the introduction of a normal risk-sharing model.Some scholars have pointed out that local government and education departments must put an end to “unworthy” type of lazy government, government should find ways for activities such as school outing to escort them to create a safe environment, rather than the all the responsibility to the school .Responsibility At the same time,louboutin femme, to improve the safety of school as soon as possible liability laws and regulations, detailed security responsibilities clear boundary students, schools.

and communicate with others, they returned home. Shunyi court Tribunal judges repeatedly contact and Wang families, that Wang was sorry for his actions, because a poor family could not afford to Beijing court tolls and various expenses. After careful consideration of the court that Wang committed a minor crime in itself, and the Department of deaf people with disabilities, hastily fled their catch and arrest the criminal policy of combining punishment with leniency and inconsistent, and not conducive to Wang’s own education and reform and smooth settlement of the case . It was decided that the hospital went to Wang family Tribunal heard the case.Recently, the Shunyi court Tribunal four police officers, prosecutors Shunyi Procuratorate,giubbotto woolrich, Wang designated defender and interpreter after a long journey to reach the Wang family. When the hearing,moncler, Wang with repeated gestures to express their feelings and expressed no regret theft. After Collegiate Panel, decided to Wang lighter punishment, sentenced to a single fine sentence.Wang’s family, said Wang will educate, let soon learn skills, be able to support themselves.(Original title: Beijing suspects money back home for trial courSurvey:CASS the 8th release of “Tourism Green Paper” proposal, in response to tourist crowding,barbour france, should continue to promote the optimization holidays holiday arrangements,moncler, including increased 2-6 days statutory holidays, in order to restore “51” golden weeks,parajumpers femme, longer. ” Chinese New Year “holiday time.According to a survey by Sina.com display (this investigation ended January 8th 18:00 pm, a total of 22,622 participants).

dozens of student life and safety,pjs, how can a small teacher to play alone? Everyone went into the safety of the errors,basket louboutin, is a last resort thing.” Talking to reporters Miao teacher so difficult to organize group activities difficulties.What factors cause these years straitjacket more secure and more tightly read it? Chu Zhaohui analyzed, taking office in the government system of education,air jordan femme, the lack of clear boundaries of responsibility and authority between the government and schools, schools and government have become bearers of unlimited liability, the existing laws and regulations on the outing school students, schools, parents,hollister site officiel, etc. Security responsibilities of the parties and the lack of a clear definition of the division, if an incident occurs, the responsibility for security incidents identification and evaluation mechanisms, procedures, rules are not mature, the school almost full responsibility, principals can not afford, teachers can not afford to play. Many local education authority for safety accident risk aversion,christian louboutin, put this mantra to read more and more tightly.In the past more than an accident.