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It turned out that she remembered his mother,louboutin femme, who is very strict about her childhood,louboutin pas cher, she sang the lyrics feel ‘cool mom to fill clothing, mood poor mother will accompany you for a walk to talk ‘kind of intimate, mother-daughter relationship was very tense, less exchange. “Tsai said, in fact,barbour, female students are loved mother.How to resolve the conflict? Panels, and Tsai posted an intimate photo of himself and his son, “Son as a friend, what are willing to tell me. I think in harmony with their children, whether parents or children, you know that was wrong to immediately apologize to admit, do not let the savings contradiction between each other. “At this class, Tsai told the students,cheap toms, as a parent, it is inevitable when there are impulsive. “I had agreed with his son every night only to see two and a half hour of television. A weekend morning, my son is progressing according to TV router switch,louboutin paris, I immediately yelled at him less time watching television,christian louboutin pas cher, you can not open the son suddenly eyes red,louboutin, pointing to the router to explain not want to watch TV, the switch is open, and he wanted to turn off. I realized I was wrong about the son who wronged, angry ignore me,chaussure louboutin pas cher, I immediately hugged him, with He apologized. “Tsai said that, when you realize that wrong, be sure to promptly admit mistakes,nike tn 2014, to avoid conflicts of savings, did not complain to each other, will be easier to get along with.Student: call mom first sentence is.

“Is not no money.” Teacher: I travel with their parents every year Summary: timely filial, do not wait before it is too lateMost of the students are foreigners Tsai, usually with their parents are called contact, sometimes once a month through the phone.”A male student in the class, usually are living out of time before they call my parents. He told me once he encountered a setback in a bad mood, suddenly wanted to Mom and Dad, give parents a telephone call The phone has just been turned,nike tn 2014, and before opening the phone’s mother immediately said, ‘Is not no money, and how much you want to? give you …’ mother heard these words, sorry boys, began to reflect on their own, exchange between the parents just stay in the cost of living it? “Each semester, the first lesson Tsai will ask what did the students during the holidays,barbour france, there is no travel, with whom? The answer is: 80% travel is with classmates and friends, only 20% of students choose travel together with their parents. When a student is very fond of traveling, there is a holiday to the students about the poor tour. Every holiday,chaussure tn pas cher, not the parents called to ask what time to go home,tn pas cher, but this time to go. Junior winter, she returned home.

parents organize old photos, but also with a note written on which year old child, where the play of notes.”She turned over the photos and found no junior high school after the entire family photos, but they are not being carried photos Dad, is to be holding her mother. Instant a look, graying around the temples parents,air max pas cher, she suddenly realized that parents old men, and the next day booked three tickets to Shanghai, with parents to travel. “Tsai said that filial piety is not necessarily to travel with their parents,christian louboutin paris, can be for parents to cook, feet, accompany them to speak to chat, “Now I will have at least two days each week with his son, husband to go home with their parents eat, watch TV, every year the whole family together in time filial, do not wait before it is too late. “Student: generation gap with their parents, unspeakable love Teacher: crouch exchanges and daughter Summary: postures along with their loved ones with equal attitude”A lot of the students that there is a generation gap with their parents,hollister outlet, do not want to communicate, do not like to express their thoughts and feelings to their parents.” Chongyou Foreign Languages � nstitute Yang Nam fun teacher, there is a 90 student, very dependent on their parents, my mother had a very serious The disease, his heart was in a hurry, but that does not say hello,tn, warm heart, then stood looking at the bedside. Dad to see his indifference, that this child is not filial.”The lesson I encountered during the holiday season,nike tn 2014, I will arrange a job, caring for parents called to say some words.

and then let the students in class next to each other to share themselves say what.