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praise good kidney Ang force.Record 16-foot farthest friend encouraged to challenge the world recordEvery day at the Botanical Garden of physical Ang jogging, running with friends after a few months ago, together urinate shot away than when “discovered” astonishing range and friends also great sense of wonder, and asks, “I (urine) furthest only can shoot 3 feet,louboutin femme pas cher, why you are able to shoot that far ah? “Result “15 feet away,abercrombie,” the title of this spread in the botanical running crowd.Curious reporter asked him if he worked hard for a long time,tiffany firenze, he joked: “!! No, it should be born My record is 16 feet farthest away na”Does that hold a lot of water (urine) for a long time have effect? Mr. Hong said: “Yeah, drink more but (urine) shot short.” The presence of friends jokingly called him a good practice, another day to take him to challenge the world record. According to official records, the world’s longest piss shot record is 18 feet.A crowd of friends joked, usually if someone looked after, not urine urinate all, so many people,hollister felpe, he can easily liberated, but the shot was so far away, I really want to write a “convinced” to him.Liu Wanrong: nothing to do with the distance depends on the ability to contract kidneyLiu Wanrong urology specialists noted that in Western point of view, the proximity of urination and kidney unrelated,hogan online, but on the ability to control bladder voiding, if purely natural voiding, but can be shot to 15 feet away, and that party is displayed bladder contraction ability.Asked this “skill” is available via train from, Dr. Liu is not clear that the name of Mr. Hong is deliberate or natural resistance, so that urination can shoot so far.He believes that urination is a natural phenomenon, so he did not bother to encourage people to control it.He said that if this is due to urethral obstruction Ang,barbour paris, in the case of tough urination,hogan olympia uomo, before hitting so far,magasin hollister, then it should be given face,bracciali tiffany, because it will be dangerous to the kidneys in urine reflux.He explained that regular deliberately to control urination.

I am afraid will lead to bladder muscle thickens and loses its elasticity, thus urethral obstruction, causing the urine back to the kidney, this will cause damage to the kidneys.Sports Network (correspondent Li Si Hill) Recently,piumini woolrich, the Hubei Provincial People’s sub shop YUNXI court judge depth area, such as the President one case a party at home,barbour france, along with marriage and family disputes on the living conditions of the parties handle the return visit two years ago. Through visits, spiritual morality parties to make the judges in awe,abercrombie pas chere, an ordinary rural women charity deeply touched the hearts of the judges.

Ed BEIJING, Jan. 7, according to Malaysia, “Guanghua Daily” reported that,tiffany outlet, ladies and gentlemen, you have to urinate can shoot 15 feet far? 53-year-old ethnic Chinese in Malaysia will be able to Ang,tiffany collane, and a personal best record, or 16 feet, to show individuals’ innate abilities, “but also the presence of” Guanghua Daily “reporters and friends in front of more than 10 people on the spot to reveal real skill, a “shoot” 15 feet away!Urine than shoot far, has been a common childhood memory of the boys,zanotti pas cher, but a group of playful spirit, with an average age of 40-50 years old arboretum marathon “master”, discovered by accident after Ang’s “expertise”, want to see it skill,scarpe hogan uomo, but also have to challenge him on the spot demonstration. Some of the more meal to meal as a standard bet.After the reporter received a message, especially at 5 in the evening, to the Botanical Gardens to know the truth. At first received the message,moncler pas cher, the reporter had once thought it was prank, the results upon arrival Botanical Garden Stone Park,christian louboutin, there really does matter.Even more ironic is that onlookers also prepared Tiechi, measuring the actual situation of the distance. Field evidence and therefore it is also the heart of all a sense of admiration.