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as of 7:00 pm local time, Typhoon “Swallow” has killed at least 229 people were killed in the country, 41 provinces were affected, the number of victims of nearly 9.5 million.”Now the Philippines, local flight has basically recovered, but insufficient capacity, passengers have to come back in batches.” On the 13th, deputy general manager of Zhejiang province CYTS outbound tourism centers abroad SECOND NORTHWEST interview with reporters,louboutin femme pas cher, said that travel agents have been the first time on tolls stranded passengers were properly placed,hogan, the feedback information from the front view,hogan interactive donna, there is no personal injury to a passenger. “Tomorrow we will have more than 100 charter flights back to Hangzhou, there are 20 people CYTS aspects, this group is out on November 5, originally scheduled to play five days in Boracay.”Earlier media for broke “Zhejiang nationals stranded passengers were expelled from the local hotel” issue, Zhu Xiaojun said that this could be the presence of passengers and emergency departments lack of communication,pull abercrombie and fitch, “Some of the passengers had just started not understand nor accept all meals,abercrombie jeans, lodging expenses during stranded themselves in this case, but now they are able to understand the basic negative emotions are slowly eliminated. “Reporters learned that now is the low season for travel abroad as outbound tourism province of Zhejiang, many local travel agencies have launched promotional activities. Visitors to CYTS example,hoodies abercrombie and fitch, in previous years, in November during the week, sent to the Philippines and other Southeast Asia about 20-30 people, “This year, some even less than last year.”The same day,peuterey, reporters from the aspect of Zhejiang Provincial Public Security Bureau of Immigration informed the police of passengers stranded in the Philippines.

for Japan, in order to resolve the North Korean abduction issue,nike france, in addition to lifting Sanctions against North Korea than no other way. Therefore, Japan’s decision to partially lift sanctions against North Korea is normal, but Japan did not advance with the ROK-US bilateral discussions on the matter.The source said that although Japan did not discuss in advance with the ROK-US countries,hollister lille horaires, but that does not mean the presence of friction in the ROK and Japan on policy towards the DPRK. How to carry out specific sanctions Japan remains to be seen, the Korea-US also need to listen to further explain the Japanese side.The South Korean government will listen through the 30th diplomatic channels a detailed description of the Japanese side, and to convey the views of the ROK. It is predicted that the ROK will appeal to Japan to adopt a more transparent policy toward the DPRK.

Zhejiang hold real-time attention to the situation.Exit and Entry Administration of a responsible police said on whether the remaining several hundred passengers collective extradition issue, the council has not yet received the relevant instructions, if necessary, will open for the first time travelers and their families. ” green channel.People in Seoul May 30 (by Huang Haiyan), according to Yonhap news agency,escarpins jimmy choo, the Japanese decided to partially lift sanctions against the DPRK issue, the South Korean government said a responsible person on the 30th.

keep careful when lifting sanctions against the DPRK.North Korean abduction issue refers to several events in Japan and the European abduction of Japanese citizens in 1977-1988. Japan asked North Korea to re-investigate the matter and release the victim, while North Korea that the issue has been resolved. Korea and Japan Asahi Secretary level talks held recently in Stockholm, Sweden, on North Korea to re-investigate “kidnap victim” to reach a consensus. Both sides agreed that the situation in North Korea to re-investigate the victims of the stage, part of Japan will lift sanctions against the DPRK and the appropriate period of study implementation of humanitarian assistance to the DPRK.Sina Aviation News June 8, one printed with Tianjin Airlines Co., Ltd. (Tianjin Airlines Co., Ltd., Referred to as “Tianjin Aviation”) identification,escarpins louboutin pas cher, registration number B-1849 Airbus A320 aircraft landed smoothly at Tianjin Binhai International Airport, marking the successful introduction of Tianjin Aviation Section 11 A320 aircraft.The plane is equipped with all-economy class seat aircraft with a passenger capacity of 180 people, is the second aircraft assembled in Tianjin Airlines’ shark fin winglets “The A320 airliner. This new design makes the A320 family aircraft to reduce fuel consumption by 4% per aircraft to reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions of more than 1000 tons, equivalent to the annual emissions of about 200 family car. “Shark fin winglets” can improve flight performance of the aircraft, and has a certain noise reduction effect. Assembly “shark fin winglets” The A320 family aircraft more “green”.

Jeju,barbour femme, Muan, Tianjin = Okinawa, Shizuoka.

was Airbus executives have called “the most environmentally friendly single-aisle aircraft.”Since June 2009 formally established, Tianjin Airlines continued to expand its fleet,hollister kids, the company a total of 83 aircraft of various types,abercrombie pas cher, covering the A320, E190, E145 three models. Up to now, Tianjin Airlines passenger transport volume exceeded 8 million people,louboutin pas cher homme, and gradually developed into Tianjin, Xi’an, Hohhot,bottes christian louboutin, Urumqi, Nanning, Guiyang, Haikou, Sanya and other large and medium hub airline routes all over the country and neighboring countries. Has opened in Tianjin = Seoul.

On the 13th,piumini moncler, the reporter was informed that currently the Philippines have begun to resume all flights, more than 400 stranded due to typhoon in the Philippines from Zhejiang travelers will return home in batches, of which more than 100 people at the 14th to take a direct charter flights to Hangzhou.It is reported that typhoon “Swallow” at 8 am Eastern Samar province in central Philippines landed, the center’s largest wind reached 314 kilometers per hour, is the world’s strongest typhoon this year. A UN official said,hollister pas cher soldes, “Swallow” comparable to 2004’s devastating Indian Ocean tsunami.10 evening, the Philippine National Disaster Reduction Commission announced that.