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Over the past five years I still can not see your face, I still can not hear you call me out ‘Daddy’ … “The annual Qingming again,louboutin femme pas cher, this is the Sina blog,abercrombie roma,” a pair of laughing, “the latest update of a blog.On the eve of the fifth anniversary of the victims Wei laugh, a good job to help her daughter lines, in the form of his daughter dialogue,hollister soldes, updating a blog. Many users a message, “their being cried splinters.” User “qiutongxianzi” message said: father and mother went to cry,moncler doudoune, the children went to the pick-hearted. Wei Dad take care of, was deeply impressed by your father-daughter love, again and again tears.Yesterday morning,hollister magasin, the Yangzi Evening News reporter found browse the blog, each blog has hundreds of users a message. Qingming Tomb complex, heartbroken people every year, every year for her father Weikai Cheng wrote elegiac, pinned their grief. April 3, 2009, was the first festival after the death of Wei laugh, wrote a funeral oration: “My daughter Guixi soul fly, every thought of tears, overwhelmed with sorrow, until there is destroy liver crack lung pain, Another example is the iron into the palm, a pain to heart! However powerless, can not retain my daughter to the world. but looking at the sky, the infinite melancholy, infinitely desolate tears, no sorrow Yuqi, extreme sorrow and grief, anger suppression mourn … “Yangzi Evening News reporter noticed that whenever encounter with her daughter about the holiday or anniversary, will write articles Weikai Cheng Bowen pain, pinned on her deep grief and endless miss. “My daughter, every time when you most want, I’ll call you a man quietly phone, hoping to dial this number to heaven, but every time I hear are extremely disappointed with my voice : Hello, you dial the phone was switched off … you leave us so many days of the day, how I wish this phone even longer pass once again let me listen to it again I am very familiar with the ‘Daddy.

but not used. Daughter after the accident, a lot of friends in mourning here, he did not know her daughter’s blog, “a pair of laughing,” he wanted to express my gratitude for concerned friends. So communicate with Sina headquarters, after a month of evidence and consultation truth impressed Sina staff to help him solve this problem, the password to tell him.”Sometimes read, read, I could not help crying.” Takeover daughter blog, speaking for the emotional and delicate Weikai Cheng. Daughter’s photo, the daughter of the previous article, the daughter of the previous various footprints, so he often Duwusiren, could not help crying thinking too deeply. Nevertheless, Weikai Cheng told reporters, regardless of how he will continue writing until he was old could not move, or the eyes to see it.Father wrote”Dialogue Body” orationWei laugh: “look human family tears and rain,tiffany outlet italia, the smell of calling for more children to call if I really miss filled with angels god, how can my dear parents have the slightest sorrow, how can dream tears Dad quit. How can we make at home lonely heartbroken mother, how can two old festivals grave crying,tiffany outlet, miserable hardly the sun and the moon degrees. If I really angels god, more parents want to re-open smile, the years and years Elixir ! Alas,nike air max 1, I did not pay the ideal body before the funeral, leaving their loved ones go alone! wished he could have turned into a breeze go home.

give my father handed a cup of tea, hugging her mother, father and mother cry. “Weikai Cheng: “How can we forget the daughter of Johnson sounds, how could forget her smiling face every day, how can you put decades of selfless upbringing, how can you forget the laughter long gazing adults are not separated, who knows you were a catastrophe. fly sea, from the river every day, looking to see the horizon. Mom and Dad night hope,woolrich outlet, with crying hoarse voice, with tears Kugan. good daughter,piumini moncler, Heaven Mo sad, you have a sense of filial lifetime big day.

righteousness has been thorough. Good Daughter Mo Qiannian. “Pang help Wing 24 diary yesterday exposureFellow colleagues for his writing on 25Yangzi Evening News (Reporter correspondent Ninggong Xuan Xing Yuanyuan) yesterday morning, the Nanjing Public Security Bureau,doudoune moncler femme, more than 400 police participated Qingming pay homage to the martyrs of public security activities. Yesterday, the level heroes help Rong diary disclosed to the media for the first time.When the evening of 17 November 2010, when he was in Nanjing Qinhuai Public Security Bureau special patrol battalion Wing Pang help the initiative to work overtime led the police patrol Alarming, a speeding van out of control, suddenly rushed to help the wing being Alarming Pang et al. In the nick of time, he struggled to his comrades and the people away, then he was badly wounded, died after sacrifice. Jiangsu Provincial Department of Civil Affairs chase after revolutionary martyrs,barbour soldes, Ministry of Public Security,hogan scarpe, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social posthumously awarded him a hero model for the public security system.Wing Pang help after sacrifice,louboutin chaussures, his comrades in the order relics, found his diary left 24, piled up, there will be half meters high.

hello ‘… “Do not want to stop closure daughter’s blog, he decided to continue to writeYangzi Evening News reporter learned that,barbour, in Wuhu, Anhui Wei laugh previous television work,barbour paris, in 2007 to participate in Wuxi television reporter Contest host, stand out from the more than 3,000 people in November of that year it was transferred to the city of Wuxi Television News Channel, where he was “now Late 60 Minutes “show host. Wei laugh dignified moderate image, extensive knowledge and solid business capabilities,tiffany outlet, and popular with the public’s favorite Wuxi.”My daughter left more than five years, and I do not miss all the time. If we had a chance to retain live daughters,barbour soldes, I am willing to give up everything.” 15:00 yesterday, the Yangtze Evening News reporter on the phone laughing father Weikai Cheng Wei. “I did not want her daughter’s blog stop closure, I want to help her daughter continue to update themselves through this way to make her daughter’s life continues.” said her daughter before the accident, he did not know what the blog.