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including the inspectors Xisanqi enforcement team, Xisanqi street and territorial police.Yesterday, Haidian District Urban Management Bureau said that after verification, when Chow was beaten,louboutin paris, participation in joint law enforcement inspectors are not in the field,woolrich uomo,hollister france HufmGQ2NoctDuiFapi, wearing white uniforms should be for security,woolrich outlet, but not chased security.Last night, the streets do Xisanqi propaganda department staff Ms Wu said the specific circumstances of the beating was not clear,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, all waiting for the results of the police investigation. Ms Wu after reading masses provide live pictures that entered Iveco car to escape, after police arrested a man over a white uniforms,, the streets do indeed hire security. Chow verified by more than the man in the photograph is indeed the batterer.Currently,abercrombie and fitch paris, the Haidian police are still investigating the matter.(Original title: the man said on the sidelines of law enforcement [Global Times Roundup] “China and Japan have gone through the point of no return”.

he is currently in Japan to do is push the strategic competition with China’s orbit, diplomatic security and overall economic competition with China, the implementation of the strategy for the prevention and surrounded by China,hollister site officiel, the use of this strategy to achieve His right-wing Zionist goals. [Global Times stationed in Japan, Britain, Germany and special correspondent Li Zhen Wei Sun Qing Qing Yan Chen Liu Yupeng Trojan](Original title: Russian media said the Japanese point of no return has gone against Japan is preparingForeign domestic public opinion expect good economic importance to people’s livelihood benefits[Global Times Roundup] “This weekend.

according to the Constitution of Japan, the country can not have any army, navy or air force, Japan has spent huge amounts of money on defense. This year is about $ 60 billion, and the British and French military spending almost. In fact,, the Japanese army and there is a large and modern army. But “the Christian Science Monitor,christian louboutin pas cher,” that even a substantial increase in military spending in Japan, “in the foreseeable future is still far behind China. Japan is still no nuclear weapons,bracciali tiffany, ballistic or cruise missiles, strategic bombers,chaussures louboutin pas cher,abercrombie firenze xRwvKl0d1V6IglNbaI, aircraft carriers,christian louboutin, as well as have a superpower other signs, so the PLA can safely sleep. “Director of the Center for Japanese Studies Shanghai Jiaotong University Wang Shao Pu “Global Times” reporter, said the possibility of war in East Asia is indeed increasing. But not now Abe wanted to play.

“Voice of Russia” radio station that the Japanese have to go very far against each other,hollister france pas cher, in Japan’s national security policy, military public override others. Japan has been actively carried out various military construction, a total of logic is to contain China.Japan “Okinawa Times” 19 editorial said that Japan and China are working hard to become a powerhouse, but Japan’s new national security strategy so that the two neighbors on the other side of the accumulated distrust and vigilance of the heart,abercrombie soldes RM4A8fY3nJJv6hCLd3, sooner or later will lead to military conflict. The editorial complained that Okinawa during the Cold War before returning back to Japan, and has been called “the Pacific fortress”, something the Cold War did not bring peace to Okinawa,hollister femme, Japan,air max bw pas cher,abercrombie online cdCswlVgTJrnu7ndiY, after the return of Okinawa to bear the burden of the military that is not reduced, and now have to Sino-Japanese conflict in the battlefield of Okinawa will be worried.East Asian war talk in recent days has almost become a wave. Famous British political blog site “left foot forward” the article said that East Asia over the perilous,hogan 2014, filled with military aircraft. In this tense situation, a small incident could lead to conflict between the two big days or even country. The article said that the Western media reports,tiffany milano g4dh4B2ZXv4anfREot, the next one in this world war is about to erupt,hollister online, China will be the instigator. However,hogan rebel, China did not do anything unusual move violates international law. In contrast, the Japanese deny past crimes of war and resolutely refused to acknowledge that several islands in the East China Sea controversy is contrary to justice.”These conflicts threaten world peace,” the German “Focus” magazine,woolrich arctic parka,abercrombie soldes 5b2JMtTfe9GVfKboYC, said on the 19th,christian louboutin, in addition to Kashmir, the Golan Heights, the disputed islands in the East China Sea has become the “Pacific powder keg.” This will be “the world’s highest level of confrontation”, the world’s second largest economy against the world’s largest economy and the third largest economy.Japan really good war preparations? Russia’s “view report” on the 19th of the article that Japan is preparing for war. The BBC said.