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handling criminal cases, there are strict legal procedures,louboutin paris, the case is eligible for a lenient sentence by an acquaintance,tn soldes, there is no relationship between the back door. Anyone who has any aspirations to be resolved through the proper legal channels,nike tn, so as not to be deceived.Yangcheng Evening News reporter Yang Xia,nike tn pas cher magasin, Correspondent She pale jade,pandora bijoux, Liaohui Lan reports: relatives of crime,louboutin femme, to fight for probation, four avenues care relationship to go, the result was the public security officials claimed to know the crook of 1.9 million yuan.March 29, 2012, Mr. Chung’s two brother in law was detained because of gambling. In order for brother in law to get a lenient sentence, Chung looked for people looking for relationships. In mid-April 2012, he met a man through a friend surnamed Zou,hollister magasin, Zou claiming to know the provincial public security department officials and boldly to ensure that: things do not,christian louboutin pas cher, all of your money back!Zoumou about 40 years old,nike air max 1, he and Mr. Chung each meeting are driving a black Mercedes S350, wearing a watch Dayton, left middle finger was also wearing a diamond ring. After obtaining Chung trust Zoumou need 500.

2012 hearing that day,basket louboutin, Chung asked again Zoumou, Zou said: “Now is the critical moment, soon to be 1.1 million yuan.” Chung believed Zoumou again. He told a friend borrowed 1.1 million yuan, the night to Zoumou hands.The next day, Mr. Chung received notice of the Court ruling,air max bw pas cher, two brother in law were sentenced to three years in prison. He quickly found Zoumou Zoumou but said, “No way,” adding that the money can be refunded. After that,nike tn officiel, Mr. Chung repeatedly chase through friends repay Zoumou Zoumou have an excuse to refuse. On the third day, Zoumou phone simply shut down, people have disappeared, Chung quickly reported.October 15, 2012, the public security organs in Panyu Chung Zoumou arrested suspected fraud, and he was driving a Mercedes car and found four mobile phones, nine identity card and some students looking for work and police biographical, criminal judgments,christian louboutin, complaints reports and other materials.Recently, after the Liwan District Procuratorate for examination, fraud on Zoumou approved the arrest.

000 yuan activity funds raised. One night in late April, accompanied by a friend of Mr. Chung, 50 million in cash to a restaurant sand Avenue entrance,boutique louboutin, at the Mercedes-Benz car Zoumou the money to him. Chung To Zoumou sign Zoumou refused,nike tn pas cher magasin, he refused to provide any documentary evidence, such as receipts.After about a week, insufficient funding Zoumou Youyi grounds, proposed to increase by 30 million. Chung also prepared a 30 million, twice sent. Upon receipt of the money, Zoumou promises, “things are handled, you can settle, please rest assured.”To mid-August 2012, Mr. Chung received arrive Procuratorate indictment, through his friends Zoumou Zoumou big opening,hollister abercrombie, said I need to get 3.5 million yuan. This time, Mr. Chung hesitated.Before August 30.

the public security organs and recommended further tracing Zoumou other crimes.Telephone fraud articlesEight fraud amounting to millions of dollarsEight deceived the victim is femaleYangcheng Evening News reporter Wang Pu, correspondent Zhang Shengchun,nike tn pas cher, Zhangyi Tao reports: Recently,giubbotto peuterey, fraud, Guangzhou has a clear upward trend, especially prominent telephone fraud, the amount of which eight cases of fraud occurred in November 2012 over a million dollars the victims are women. The victim claimed that criminals suspected of money laundering, drug trafficking and other on the phone.