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from now on Please tenants move out. refuses to move out,barbour france, tenants are responsible for security problems. ” Post time is May 26.These intermediate-story house,christian louboutin for cheap, also put up a ridge even bungalows, due to the long Sidaluanjian, some bungalows distance between the front and rear less than a meter. Liu said, here gathered a large number of migrant workers, most of them to scavenging for a living,hollister pas cher, and put a lot of garbage,pjs doudoune, waste piled around the cottage. Because of this, yesterday morning fire vehicles could not close fire cottage. Nearby residents said that this piece of residential fires have occurred 10 times.After the fire, Wang temporarily lost the residence,woolrich parka, the house property are all burned to ashes. Yesterday,louboutins, after hearing the community leaders,giubbotti woolrich, offered her 100 yuan subsidy,jordan pas cher, Wang also ready to help weather the storm.Cause of the fire is under investigation. � chief correspondent correspondent Li Zhao Wei Zhaolin VenturaNews newspaper Zhumadian 8 pm, the PLA 159 Hospital operating room,soldes louboutin, a 39-year-old pregnant woman gave birth by caesarean section a healthy 14-pound baby boy.Older pregnant women gave birth to healthy “giant baby””Giant baby” body length 60cm, weight 14 pounds!8 am,tiffany roma, a pregnant woman in her husband’s arm down to the People’s Liberation Army 159 Hospital doctor duty room. Man said his wife is about to produce, require immediate hospitalization.”At that time.

the south is Tukang from the north side of the ledge is only about one meter, but the windows are installed on both sides of the fence. “Without this fence, Xu Yang will be able to jump the windows to escape.” A neighbor said.”Maybe she covered her mouth and nose with a wet towel, lying on the windows, will escape the robbery!” There is a neighbor for Xu Yang sorry.Guess: It may be caused by electrical fireXu Yang bedroom next door has a dark gates were burned, many residents suspect that the fire was caused by electrical fire.Lee said he rushed into the kitchen Zamen found that glittered gates,nike tn, there are signs of burning. Because the walls are wooden bungalows labeled wooden partition, the outer brush lime,peuterey, easy to fire. Lee believes may be electrical short circuit ignited the plaster, eventually causing a fire.Liu said Wang Mouping never cook at home, the house is only one TV.Wang said, the winter Sohn simultaneously used two electric stove, but there has not been shorted wire. A month ago, she had just replaced the gates, so she suspected might be a problem with the quality gates.Risks: here more than 10 fires that have occurredIt is understood that, where the two-story buildings are built Manchukuo period,giuseppe zanotti sneakers, the wall close to the premises of the Group in Changchun Spring Branch “down dilapidated notice to quit,” the notice said,abercrombie pas cher, “due to the presence of domestic security issues of housing.

the pregnant woman, pale, edema,hollister, distended like a big bread hands, push the button on the concave pits children.” Dr. Li Xiulan, deputy director of obstetrics and gynecology, told reporters, “prenatal weighed when the pregnant woman weighing up to 210 pounds. “After prenatal understood that health care for pregnant women called Tang new thought, 39 years old, the county used Shuanghe countryman,hollister milano, has a son and daughter. Don wanted to have a new “Ray” reproductive process: cesarean section has done four times, once ligation, a tubal anastomosis, seven miscarriages. This allows the presence of medical staff are scared out in a cold sweat.Taking into account maternal obesity, birth more difficult, health care for pregnant women,abercrombie, in consultation with the family.